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Can You Read This? Using Color Contrast in Universal Design

March 23, 2021

a pie graph demonstrating various contrast patterns

Color can be a potent way to grab attention and convey information – and a few simple techniques can make it even more effective for the widest possible audience.

  1. Make sure text is dark enough against a light background (or light enough against a dark background). You can eyeball this up to a point, but the Color Contrast Checker is our favorite tool to verify.
  2. Don’t forget to check words in images too.
  3. Using a video? While reviewing the closed captions, also make sure they appear clearly against the video background.
  4. If the color you use has meaning, add that information in a second way. For example, if an assignment references colored items, number or label them as well.

Learn more about color contrast from the Universal Design Center.