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Secure Your Mobile Device

Secure your Smartphone or Tablet

Smartphones and tablets are miniature computers capable of accessing personal and university data via the web, email, Box, the myNorthridge portal, and other resources. Take the following steps to protect your smartphone or tablet and promptly report lost or stolen devices to Campus Police Services.

Tips to Secure All Smartphones and Tablets

  • Install and register a STOP Theft security plate with Campus Police
  • Set a PIN code or password to prevent unauthorized access
  • Do not use third-party apps with university-protected data
  • Only browse to trusted websites and avoid providing confidential information via the web or by email
  • Do not jailbreak your device and only download apps from the official app store for your device (Apple iTunes, Google Play, etc.)
  • Avoid downloading protected data to your device; instead, reference data in its source location (e.g. SOLAR, Box).

Security Tips for iPhones and iPads 

  • Download, install, and test Find my iPhone or Find my iPad
  • Enable the encryption option when backing up your device to a laptop or desktop.

Note: Apple's restricted-access platform design and rigorous app-screening processes greatly reduce the risk of malicious software entering your device. Apple does not provide built-in anti-virus software and third-party anti-virus apps are restricted from accessing the necessary layers on iPads and iPhones to provide effective anti-virus security. There are currently no effective anti-virus software solutions available for iPads and iPhones

Security Tips for Android Phones and Tablets 

  • Install an anti-virus app such as Lookout Security, AVG Mobile Antivirus Security, or Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus
  • Enable the encryption option to protect sensitive or confidential data stored on your device (make sure your device is plugged into a power source prior to starting the encryption process to avoid data loss/corruption).

Laptop Locking Cables

Using a laptop security cable may be one of the easiest methods of protecting your laptop against theft. Laptop security cables are recommended in any location where you may have to leave your laptop. To be effective security devices laptop cables must be threaded through your desk.

The following is a list of recommended laptop cables. Note: Cables are model specific; please ensure that the laptop cable you purchase is designed to fit your laptop.