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Doulas' Perspectives about Providing Support to Birthing Families During COVID-19

There are many reasons for birthing inequities among Black families compared to counterparts, but in particular racial discrimination via individual and systemic that results in disrespectful care and lower quality of care.

Doula-assisted births is an evidence based strategy to prevent these inequities. Despite, this evidence, doulas have been deemed nonessential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and pregnant persons have often had limited access to their services in labor and delivery settings (e.g., hospital, birth center).The aim of the study is to describe the experiences and perspectives of full spectrum doulas that provided services to Black birthing families in birthing facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research Area:

  • Health Equity/Disparities
  • Maternal and Infant Health

Start Date:

May 2021 - present


  • Dr. Urmeka Jefferson (Rush University)
  • Dr. Dionne Bensonsmith (Claremont Graduate University)
  • Reverend Dr. Jessica Chapman Lape