FAQs Dependency Override Appeal Request

How do I request a Dependency Override?

  1. To appeal your dependency status due to unusual and extenuating circumstances, you must provide the Financial Aid & Scholarship Department a typed detailed letter addressing each of the following items:
a. Identify the location of each of your biological parents. If whereabouts for one or both parents are unknown, explain when and how this came to be.
b. Describe the last time you had contact with each biological parent-when, where, and the nature of the contact.
c. Describe in detail the extraordinary circumstances that caused the break in the relationship between you and each biological parent. Describe the unusual circumstances that prevent you from filing the FAFSA with parental information.  Explain why you cannot obtain parental information.
d. Describe how you have been supporting yourself:
i. When did you start meeting your expenses without parental support?
ii. How have you provided for yourself?
2. You must submit a second letter from a third party professional who is familiar with your situation. This third party professional is one who can corroborate the facts you present in your letter. Examples of third party professionals include a teacher, counselor, clergyperson, social worker, etc. Please see FAQ below for instructions/information about the third-party professional letter.
3. Do not forget to sign and date your statement. You may also submit any additional information to support your appeal such as a court, police or other public records to help document your unusual and extenuating circumstances.

What information must be included in the third-party professional letter?

The third-party professional letter is not a letter of recommendation therefore, good grades and other accomplishments are not relevant to this process. Letter must be typed on company letterhead from the professional’s place of business.

The person writing the letter must explain the relationship between you (student) and the parent(s), and the extraordinary circumstances that prohibit the you from providing parental information on the financial aid application. The person writing the letter must include any information that best describes your situation. The following is a list of information that should be included in the letter:

  1. The persons relationship to the student?
  2. How long the third party has known the student?
  3. When was the last time the student lived with and/or received financial support from a parent?
  4. When was the last time the student had contact with each parent?
  5. The whereabouts of each biological parent (even if parents are separated). If whereabouts for one or both parents are unknown, explain when and how this came to be.
  6. What are the extenuating circumstances that prevent the student from filing the FAFSA with a parent?
  7. How has the student provided for himself or herself without parental support?
  8. The signature, professional title, contact information, and date of the person submitting the statement on your behalf.

I am a continuing student who was approved for a Dependency Override last academic year. How do I reapply?

If your situation/circumstances have not changed from last year, you must write a statement stating that nothing has changed. Please include your CSUN ID and Name on the statement. Do not forget to sign the statement.

Where/how do I submit my statement, third-party letter and additional documents?

Documents may be submitted via mail at the address below. In addition, you may submit them in person at Bayramian Hall, 1st Floor Lobby (BH100), Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. or upload them to

Mailing address:

Financial Aid & Scholarship Department
California State University, Northridge
18111 Nordhoff St.
Northridge, CA 91330-8307