Special Education

Moderate/Severe Disabilities Credential

A basic assumption guiding the Moderate/Severe specialization is that students with moderate to severe disabilities acquire meaningful educational outcomes most effectively and efficiently in typical environments with peers who do not have disabilities. Therefore teachers of students with moderate and severe disabilities must acquire strategies for implementing instruction across a variety of educational settings and for supporting student interactions with peers without disabilities. Our program focuses on providing teachers with the skills and abilities to use appropriate assessments in order to identify and teach critical skills and monitor progress toward meeting identified goals within the natural setting. The program recognizes the extreme diversity of its students and emphasizes a person-centered approach that considers the cultural values of the family.

The following Courses of Study are available for students interested in an Education Specialist Credential in Moderate/Severe Disabilities:

Traditional Course of Study

This is a post BA program for candidates in non-teaching or teaching positions interested in flexible scheduling.

Intern Course of Study

This is a post BA two-year Program (including summers) designed for teachers who are eligible for an intern credential and are hired in a cooperating school district.

Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) Program

Undergraduate program with candidates beginning as freshmen or entering the two-year option as transfer students, earning their credential and bachelor's degree in liberal studies concurrently.


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