Special Education

Early Childhood Special Education Credential

The ECSE specialization is committed to preparing reflective professionals who will provide high quality services to infants, toddlers and young children, and their families. High quality services should reflect recommended practices in the field of early childhood special education, which combines effective practices in early childhood education with the specialized assessment and intervention approaches of special education, including: family guided approaches; services in natural environments; developmentally appropriate, integrated curriculum, and cross-disciplinary, collaborative, coordinated service delivery. Further, we are committed to assuring that each candidate has experiences and backgrounds related to working with children with a variety of disabilities, ranging from mild to severe and including multiple disabilities, and related to working responsibly with families from diverse linguistic and ethnic backgrounds.

The following Courses of Study are available for students interested in an Education Specialist Credential in Early Childhood Special Education:

Traditional Course of Study

This is a post BA program for candidates in non-teaching or teaching positions interested in flexible scheduling.

Intern Course of Study

This is a post BA two-year Program (including summers) designed for teachers who are eligible for an intern credential and are hired in a cooperating school district.