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Project I-PREP

What is Project I-PREP?

Project I-PREP  (Preparing Resourceful and Effective Professionals with an emphasis on Inclusive practice) is a federal grant providing financial support to students pursuing a special education credential in moderate to severe disabilities.

Participants in this grant will:

  • Receive financial support over a 3-year period
  • Earn two credentials: a Preliminary education specialist credential that allows you to teach students K-12; and an Induction credential which provides advanced coursework and additional support during your first two years as a special education teacher. (Financial and collegial support to complete your preliminary credential in two years. Continued financial and collegial support during your first year of Teacher Induction Program.)
  • Complete a service obligation. You are required to work as a special educator for two years for every one year of financial support (2-6 years).

Why Apply to Project I-PREP?

  • Receive additional funds to attend professional conferences and to purchase educational technology
  • Be part of a select group of candidates who demonstrate a commitment to advocacy and making a difference in the lives of children and youth and their families
  • Participate in a systems change effort to increase integrated/inclusive options for students with moderate to severe disabilities
  • Benefit from a strong partnership with local school districts such as Simi Valley, LAUSD, Saugus, and others
  • Small class size
  • Faculty with experience, expertise, and continued involvement in the field of special education/severe disabilities
  • supported field experiences with high quality mentor teachers
  • individualized advisement

What Will I Learn?

Candidates will learn guiding principles, specific educational practices, and will develop and refine skills through coaching and mentoring. Topics addressed through coursework and field experiences include:

  • Classroom management and positive support strategies
  • Empowering and supporting independence among students
  • Making meaningful curricular modifications
  • Teaching in a systematic manner
  • Helping students plan for life after school through vocational and community training
  • Supporting the development of communication, language, and literacy skills
  • Supporting students with multiple disabilities, with specific coursework related to physical disabilities and vision and hearing impairments

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

  • Potential candidates must meet the admission requirements to the University and Credential Programs
  • Bachelor's degree or enrolled in an integrated BA/Credential program (e.g., ITEP)
  • Minimum 2.75 GPA
  • Passage of all 3 sections of the Multiple Subject CSET
  • Passage of the CBEST

How Do I Apply?

  • Complete applications to the Credential Program and to the University
  • Contact projectiprep@csun.edu for the Project I-PREP application
  • All applications will be screened. Applicants who pass the initial screening will be invited to an interview.