Secondary Education

Traditional Program


The Traditional Preliminary Single Subject Program at California State University, Northridge is the most flexible of the credential program options. Qualified candidates may enroll in this post-baccalaureate program on a full-time or part-time basis, completing the credential in a minimum of one year or taking three or more semesters to finish the program. Designed for pre-service candidates, the Traditional Single Subject Preliminary Program leads to a credential in a specific subject area for teaching at the middle school and high school levels.


  • Developmentally sequenced program of methods, foundational, and field experience courses
  • Highly qualified faculty with strong practical knowledge of students and schools
  • Outstanding campus facilities, including computer labs
  • Emphasis on working with diverse students in urban schools
  • Culminates with the state-required Teacher Performance Assessment, the edTPA.


To enter the Program, two applications are required:

  1. CSUN Graduate Programs Application (to the University)
  2. Single Subject Credential Program Application (to the Credential Office)

Subject Matter Competency

At the time of application, candidates must meet the required subject competency:

  1. through a Commission on Teacher Credentialing approved program, or
  2. through passage of the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) in the specific subject area (all subtests for the subject)

See the Credential Office for complete application information:
Credential Preparation Office
Graduate Application for University Admission
Apply online at

Program Courses (36 units)

  • SED 511 Fundamentals of Secondary Educ in Multiethnic Secondary Schools (3) Must be taken in first semester of enrollment
  • EPC 420 Educational Psychology of Adolescence (3)
  • SED 525XX Methods of Teaching Single Subject (3) – 525A, 525EN, 525HE, 525HS, 525MA/MAL, 525MU, 525PE, 525S/SL, 525SS, 525WL
  • SED 554/554S Supervised Field Experience and Seminar (3+1)*
  • SED 514 Computers in the Instructional Program (3). 
  • AAS/AFRS/ARMN/CHS/ELPS 417 Equity and Diversity in Schools (3)
  • SED 521 Content Area Literacy and Learning in Multiethnic Secondary Schools (3)
  • SED 529 Teaching English Learners in Multiethnic Secondary Schools (3)
  • SPED 420 Improving the Learning of Students with Special Needs Through Differentiated Instruction and Coillaboration (3)
  • HSCI 466ADO Health Concerns of the Adolescent (1)
  • SED 555/555S Supervised Practicum and Seminar (5+2)**

* Pre-requisites for SED 554/554S: CBEST passage, CTC clearance, 100% subject matter competency, writing proficiency clearance, and Credential Office clearance. Pre- or co-requisite classes for SED 554: SED 511, EPC 420, SED 525XX. Candidates complete the Preliminary Teacher Performance Assessment (“FRED”) in SED 554/554S.

** Pre-requisite classes for SED 555/555S: SED 511, EPC 420, SED 525XX, SED 554. Pre- or co-requisite for SED 555/555S: SED 521, SED 529, SPED 420, AAS/AFRS/ARMN/CHS/ELPS 417. Candidates complete the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) and Individual Induction Plan in SED 555/555S.

Full-time candidates who meet subject matter and other requirements at application to the program are eligible to complete the program in a single year by enrolling in the first 6-7 classes listed above in the fall semester and the last 6-7 classes listed above in the spring semester. Most candidates complete the program in three or more semesters.

Sample Two-Semester Sequence (for Qualified Candidates)

Semester 1Semester 2

SED 511

SED 521

SED 514

SPED 420

EPC 420



SED 555

SED 525

SED 555S

SED 554

SED 529

SED 554S


Sample Three-Semester Sequence

Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3
SED 511SED 521SPED 420
SED 525xxSED 554SED 555
EPC 420SED 554SSED 555S
SED 514SED 529 

Sample Four-Semester (plus Summer) Sequence

Semester 1Semester 2Summer 1Semester 3Semester 4
SED 511SED 521SED 514SED 554SED 555
EPC 420SED 525XX SED 554SSED 555S
   SED 529