Secondary Education

How to Apply

How do I apply to the Single Subject Credential Program at CSUN? Here are the steps!

For full information about the application process and admission requirements, visit the Credential Office’s “How to Apply” page.

Download and keep this checklist to keep track of your application process (.pdf)

  1. Select your program and pathway.
  2. Attend or view a Credential Office Information Session.
  3. Review admissions requirements and gather your admission materials.
  4. Submit the CalStateApply application. (Use this guide for assistance.) Current FYI/JYI and graduate students do not need to submit the CalStateApply application.
  5. Submit the Credential Program Application.
  6. If you are interested in the ACT Program (fall admission only), submit the ACT application. (You must also complete the CalStateApply and Credential Program applications.)
  7. If you are interested in the Intern Program, contact Dr. David L. Moguel for advisement and information about how to apply. (You must also complete the CalStateApply and Credential Program applications.)
  8. Monitor your CSUN email account for communication from the Credential Office regarding missing items in your application; attend to these quickly.
  9. When your applications are complete, you will be notified (via your CSUN email account) to schedule an interview. Please respond quickly, and complete your interview.

The Credential Office will notify you about the outcome of your application via your CSUN email account. If you are admitted to the program, information about registering with the University, enrolling in classes, and the department’s orientation meeting will be sent to your CSUN email account shortly afterwards.