Credential Office

Program Completion Process

Applying for your Credential Document

The Credential Request form initiates the application for your credential document.

We encourage you to submit a Credential Request at the beginning of your final semester in the program, as soon as CSUN coursework in progress is all you have left to complete.  If all coursework is completed, then all of the program requirements (including exams like edTPA, RICA, etc.) must be met before the Credential Request Form is submitted.   To ensure timely processing please submit the request as early as possible.  Read the instructions to the Credential Request form carefully.


Credential Request Process

Before beginning the process, please note the following:

  • Initiating this process at the beginning of your last semester of coursework will ensure timely processing.
  • Eligibility for a credential recommendation is based upon completion of all components of your program.  Being placed in an assignment or even completing student teaching will not guarantee recommendation for the credential if other requirements are not met.  All exams, CPR certification, coursework outside of CSUN, etc. must be completed prior to being recommended for your credential
  • Do not submit more than one credential request, submitting multiple request may delay the process. 
  • There are some situations in which an individual must complete a Manual Credential Application as opposed to an Online Credential Request.  Please click here for details and instructions.

Upon receipt of your request, a Credential Analyst will process your paperwork making sure that everything is in order.  Your request will be held until the end of the semester for a final check once grades have posted.  You will be kept informed of your status all throughout the process via email.

As soon as it is determined that all requirements have been met, a Credential Analyst will complete the CTC online recommendation for your credential document. 

Once the credential has been recommended you will receive an email from the CTC requesting that you complete the application process and pay the required fee.  Detailed information regarding the online process can be found here

Steps to the Online Credential Request Process

  1.  Review the Checklist.  Be sure that you have submitted all items that are specified in the appropriate checklist for the credential that you are applying for.  There is no need to re-submit items that have previously been submitted to our office. 
  2.  Submit the Credential Request Form online. 
  3.  The Credential Office will check documents, verify eligibility, and recommend for the credential using the online, Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) processing system. Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received.  Depending upon volume, it may take several weeks before your file is processed.  Requests submitted with coursework in progress will be partially processed, then held.  Processing will be completed at the end of the semester when grades have been posted and all components of the program have been met.  If additional documentation is required, you will be notified via e-email by the Credential Office. 
  4.  Once the Credential Office has submitted the online recommendation, you will be notified by the CTC to complete the ‘Personal and Professional Fitness’ questionnaire and payment portion of the process.  Please note that the CTC processing system requires both an e-mail address and a credit card to complete this step.  Payment of $100* must be made within 90 days of the recommendation date or CTC will cancel the recommendation. A few days after making your payment, the CTC will forward a payment confirmation number to you.  Provided that there are no extenuating circumstances, the CTC will then send you an e-mail confirming that the credential has been issued.  Following that, you will receive one additional e-mail notice which will provide the details of your credential.  This final notice is the one you will use for employment purposes. Your credential and all information pertaining to such will appear as granted on the CTC website. 



Next Steps Presentation

For Preliminary Multiple Subject, Single Subject and Education Specialist Credential Candidates 

At this time we invite you to read through our Next Steps Presentation.  The presentation contains information regarding applying for your preliminary credential document, earning your clear credential, advanced degree opportunities, obtaining added authorizations,  the employment search and more.

Next Steps Presentation - Multiple Subject

Next Steps Presentation - Single Subject

Next Steps Presentation - Education Specialist