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A Commitment to Faculty and Staff Success

The University is committed to making CSUN a destination workplace and an environment where our faculty and staff can achieve their greatest aspirations. CSUN Engage has been created to invest in our faculty and staff’s development and enable their success. This leadership initiative facilitates opportunities for members of our community to meaningfully engage with one another and learn how our University's work and people are interconnected, and provides a foundation and context about our mission and structure.

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CSUN Engage is an immersive leadership initiative with the objectives to:

  • foster and strengthen relationships between members of the CSUN community to increase collaboration and innovation;
  • provide a broad perspective of our highly complex academic enterprise;
  • demonstrate how our Divisions are interconnected; and
  • provide a high-level overview which illustrates how each area supports our University’s values and mission.
Focus Session Dates

Selection Process

Cohorts will be comprised of 25 university colleagues, including tenure-track and tenured faculty, full-time lecturers, staff, and administrators. With support of their supervisor and Divisional Vice President, candidates will apply through an online application process. This is a voluntary program and no additional compensation will be provided to selected participants. To ensure a robust experience that includes varying viewpoints and professional experiences, every Cohort will include members from each Division within the University.

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Cohort Members

Cohort members are reflective of the inclusive, dynamic, and innovative leadership needed to facilitate authentic learning for all and are passionate about serving CSUN’s richly diverse campus community.

Current and Past Members