Auxiliary Selection Guide/Checklist

The following information is provided to you as a guide/checklist to assist you with the selection process.


General Information

  1. All information regarding search/selection should be kept confidential;

  2. Inquiries from candidates about the selection process should be referred to the Careers@CSUN website. Here, applicants may check the status of the job(s) for which they are applying by clicking first on “External Applicants” and then search for the position(s) to which s/he applied.  Department personnel may not divulge information regarding any search. 

  3. Recruitment Services forwards only those applications meeting minimum qualifications by routing them through an e-mail notification with an attached .pdf to the department contact.

Selection Committee

The purpose of the Selection Committee is to bring a variety of perspectives and insight to the interview process. Recruitment Services recommends that the committee is comprised of at least three members.  Selection Committees are formed to evaluate the applicant pool, determine which candidates will participate in the interview process, and, actively conduct the interviews.

Application Review Process

  1. Using the Position Description created at the onset of the search, develop a list of job-related screening criteria comprised of the skills, knowledge, abilities, experience and education necessary for successful performance;

  2. Applications that are submitted for Job Openings are reviewed by the Recruitment Services team in the Office of Human Resources.  Recruitment Services screens applications, ensuring applicants meet minimum qualifications. 

  3. Recruitment Services forwards only those applications meeting minimum qualifications. Department contact will receive an e-mail notification when each batch of applications has been routed for department review.

  4. Review and rate each application/resume in accordance with the developed criteria;

  5. Rank and identify top applications. Use the Application Screening Record to rate candidates and document your process.

  6. Determine top candidates by comparing committee members’ Applicant Screening Records. 

Interview Process

Refer to "Keys to Successful Interviewing" as you develop a list of job-related interview questions;

  1. Schedule and conduct interviews. 
  2. Use the “Applicant Interview Evaluation Record:
  3. Obtain salary history from interviewees if not already included on the application/resume.
  4. Conduct reference checks on the top acceptable applicants resulting from the interviews;
  5. Verify the history and reference check  to determine and list the final ranking of the interviewees.

Final Selection

  1. Determine the top candidate, to whom you would like to extend the job offer;
  2. Record top candidate (and any alternates) using the “Applicant Selection and Disposition (Auxiliary) Form”.
  3. Return the “Applicant Selection and Disposition Form” to HR for review and the making of a job offer.
  4. After Recruitment Services reviews and approves the selection recommendation material, departments can choose whether to make the job offer or to have HR make the job offer to the selected candidate.
  5. After a job offer has been accepted, Recruitment Services will send out thank-you rejection letters to candidates interviewed, as well as, a separate thank-you rejection letter to all other applicants.
  6. Departments may choose to send a letter of notification to the candidates they interviewed. If so, please notify Recruitment Services so that a duplicate letter is not sent to the candidates.
  7. After notification from HR of job offer acceptance, department may choose to send a letter of notification to the candidates they interviewed.