What We Do

With a foundation of Critical Race Theory:

Students and faculty mentors

  • Research skills-building
  • Professional development
  • Support for mutual research supplies
  • Support for mutual travel to present research findings
  • Community-building and interdisciplinary collaboration


  • Summer JumpStart Program to introduce research to new students
  • Mentored research lab experience
  • Advanced research methods courses
  • Professional development courses
  • Regular, all-student meetings
  • Summer research programs and support

Faculty mentors

  • Mentor training in cultural humility
  • Pilot projects to support independent research proposals
  • Research skills workshops
  • Faculty Scholar Academy grant-writing support
  • NEW Writing groups and coaching
  • NEW Reading groups for professional growth
  • Research Hubs/Affinity Groups
  • Faculty Scholar Academy grant-writing support
  • NEW Post doctoral Fellows

Building infrastructure

  • NEW building: Lilac Hall, half for BUILD PODER (5000 square feet)
  • NEW (forming) Health Equity Research and Education (HERE) Center
  • NEW cluster hires: Lilac Hall space for offices and laboratories for 4 cluster hired faculty and our newly forming HERE Center
  • NEW Faculty App: Scholarship is being designed to connect faculty and students in an intranet
  • Curriculum changes
  • New courses in advanced research methods (Biology, Physics)
  • New courses in race/ethnicity and health equity (Asian American Studies, Chicanx Studies)
  • NEW course in Public Health for Social Justice
  • NEW minor in biomedical engineering
  • Continuing (3 years+) program with BUILD PODER seniors and middle school students – inspiring and role modeling science career preparation