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Pilot Projects

BUILD PODER Pilot projects were designed to support newer faculty or faculty who are changing research directions toward health equity research. The $50K awards provide funding for seed projects that lead to an NIH proposal. Of the 8 pilot projects awarded thus far, 5 have been funded by NIH grants (2 R15, 2 SC2, 1 SC1), one other has been submitted, and two will submit this year.

Funded Projects
(5 of 8 pilot projects now NIH funded)

Cohort 1: Edith Chen, Asian American Studies , Lawrence Chu Health Sciences: Ethnicity as a risk or protective factor? The social context of type 2 diabetes and obesity in Asian American populations R15


Cohort 1: Gilberto Flores, Biology, Dena Herman, Family and Consumer Sciences :Dietary effects on the functional diversityof the gut microbiome in a diverse population of children SC2


Cohort 1: Alyssa Arentoft, Pyschology:Predicting risk behavior in HIV+ individuals: examining a nuerocognitive model SC2


Cohort 2: Jonathan Kelber, Biology:Cellular/molecular mechanisms of PEAK-1 mediated TGFbeta signaling and function SC1


Cohort 2: Sattar Taheri-Araghi, Physics and Astronomy:Antimicrobial peptides: A solution for antibiotic resistance? R15



Submitted or Submitting NIH Proposal 2018-2019
(3 of 8 pilot projects awarded)

Cohort 1: Jimmy Xie, Recreation and Tourism Management:Active and healthy grandchildren/Nietos Activos y Saludable (NAS): An intervention aimed at increasing Latino grandparents' support for grandchildren's physical activities R15


Cohort 2: Nancy Miodrag, Child and Adolescent Development , Teri Todd Kinesiology:iFitL Into fitness together: A peer-supported physical activityprogram for college students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Cohort 2: Cristian Ruiz-Rueda, Biology:Role of multiple antibiotic efflux pumps in the removal of cellular metabolites SC2