Curriculum Initiatives in Health Equity and Research Methods

Several new curricular initiatives have been added to professional development and advanced methods research courses to support the sustainability of BUILD PODER. NEW to BUILD PODER in Year 5 is the development of a minor in Biomedical Engineering.

BIO 490/Malone and Adamian
Title: Tutorial Studies
NEW COURSE, can be re-offered, paperwork in to make permanentOffered Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, CRT-Framed K-12 project for seniors
HHD 185/Oh and Adamian
Title:Public Health for Social Justice
NEW COURSE, permanentOffered Spring 2018, general education, recruitment tool
Title:Senior Project in Physics
NEW COURSE, can be re-offeredOffered Spring 2018, advanced methods
MSE 496AM/L/Li
Title: Additive Manufacturing and Lab
NEW COURSE, permanentOffered Spring 2018, advanced methods
Title:Race, Racism and Science
NEW COURSE, still in committeesWill be offered Spring 2019, broadening recruitment, critical perspectives
Title:Asian American and Health Service Learning
NEW COURSE, can be re-offeredOffered Spring 2017, introduce students to health equity topics
AAS 340/Chen
Title: Asian American Contemporary Issues (focus: health)
NEW COURSE, topical, can be re-offeredOffered Spring 2018, introduce to health inequities in Asian American communities
BIO 347L/ Malone
Title:Introduction to Cell and Stem Cell Research
NEWLY taught in summer, new offeringOffered Summer, 2017, 2018, extends BIO 247, recruiting and extending training
PYS 471AB/Fahmie
Title: Advanced Inquiry in Clinical Interventions
New pedagogical techniqueImproved Pedagogy based on BUILD research findings
BIO 442/Hong
Title: Developmental Biology
Improved pedagogyDue to better dissecting microscope (BUILD)
LA Valley College: BIO 185/ Byrd-Williams and Brockman
Title: Public Health, Social Justice, and Biomedical Research
Continuing Course, can be re-offeredOffered, Spring, 2016, 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, broadening recruitment