Business Law

Real Estate Students: Planning your Schedule

June 29, 2016

With the revisions to the program, some courses changed. FIN 338 Real Estate Principles became BLAW 414. FIN 439 Valuation became BLAW 416 Real Estate Appraisal and FIN 433 became BLAW 420 (Real Estate Finance).  If you're under an old catalog, just submit course substitution requests, which you'll find here: 

You'll find prerequisite and other information in the catalog, here:  Subject to budget, staffing and enrollments (and therefore subject to change) we plan on the following schedule for course offerings:

BLAW 412, 414, and 418 to be offered each Fall. Beginning Fall, 2019 their prefix changes to "RE", i.e. RE 412, RE 414 and RE 418. These changes should be seamless; however if you run into glitches, please contact the department office. 

BLAW 416 and 420 to be offered each Spring. Again, prefixes will change: RE 416 and RE 420.

BLAW 368 and 453 to be offered every semester. BLAW 453 is often offered in the summer as well.