Medical Benefit Plans

Through its collective presence, the California State University system is pleased to be able to offer a selection of medical benefit plans to eligible employees. Employees may choose coverage through either an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), or a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization).

If Eligible, your Coverage May Include:

  1. You, the employee

  2. Your spouse

  3. Registered Domestic Partner

  4. Your children and step-children under age 26 who depend on you for economic support and who have never been married. When adding a parent-child relationship, additional documentation may be required.

  5. Children under age 18, in your legal custody.

  6. Children over age 26 who became disabled before age 26 and who depend on you for economic support. 

Employee Premium contributions are based on the plan and the number of individuals covered.  The following chart outlines plan rates, employer (CSU) premium contribution amounts, and employee (you) premium contribution rates for 2022 versus 2021.

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HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations)

In these plans you must go to certain health care facilities and receive medical care from the doctors at those facilities.

  1. Blue Shield HMO

  2. Kaiser Permanente HMO

  3. Anthem Blue Cross HMO

  4. Health Net Salud y Mas HMO

  5. Health Net Smartcare HMO

  6. United HealthCare HMO

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PPO's (Preferred Provider Organizations)

In these plans you may receive medical care from the doctor of your choice and at the hospital of your choice. Certain doctors and hospitals, however, are part of the PPO network. If you use those doctors and hospitals, the PPO will pay a higher percentage of your bills.

  1. PERS Platinum (formerly PERS Care & PERS Choice)

  2. PERS Gold (formerly PERS Select)

  3. PORAC (Police Services Only)