Volunteer Service Awards

The participation, support and loyalty of volunteers who serve the university is acknowledged annually at the Volunteer Service Awards. Established in 2002 to recognize alumni, faculty and friends of the university who have consistently demonstrated extraordinary commitment, dedication and service for the advancement of the institution, Cal State Northridge is proud to acknowledge these hard-working and deserving individuals in several categories.



CSUN Recognizes Passionate, Longtime Advocates and Supporters at Volunteer Service Awards 

October 25, 2019

CSUN's Volunteer Service Awards honored 20 individuals who elevate CSUN and it's students through their volunteer work. The three highest honors were presented to past CSUN Alumni Association president Carlos Fuentes '82 (Political Science), CSUN advocate and devoted mentor Sanford "Sandy" Paris, and trailblazer Professor Emerita Bonita J. Campbell. Read More




Volunteer Service Awards Categories

Dorthea "Granny" Heitz Award for Outstanding Volunteer Leadership

The Dorothea "Granny" Heitz award for Outstanding Volunteer Leadership is the pinnacle volunteer service award recognizing significant and sustained leadership by a CSUN alumnus. The award is named in honor of Dorothea "Granny" Heitz who's enthusiasm and loyalty to the university spanned decades. 
Past Recipients of the Granny Heitz Award.



Dean Edmund Peckham Service Award

The Dean Edmund Peckham Award is presented to emeritus or retired faculty and staff members who continue to volunteer and support the university in their retirement. The individual must have worked on campus for at least ten years and is no longer a member of the full-time faculty/staff. The award is named in honor of Dr. Ed Peckham who served as Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs from 1968-1991. Following his retirement, he continued to serve the university in various posts for three more decades. 
Past Recipients of the Ed Peckham Award.


The CSUN for Life Award

Established by the Alumni Association in 2013, the CSUN for Life Award recognized non-alumni friends of CSUN who, over time, have grown close to the University and proudly claim California State University, Northridge as their adopted alma mater. Through their passionate and consistent contributions of time, donations, talent and attendance at campus events and Matador games, they carry the CSUN message and embody CSUN's unique spirit. The CSUN for Life Award honors those whose service is consistently a reflection of the university's mission and its highest values. Past Recipients of The CSUN for Life Award.

Chapter Volunteer Service Awards
Alumni Chapter organizations are whole-heartedly led by volunteers committed to supporting the Alumni Association and their respected constituency. Each alumni chapter may select a recipient to honor annually for their service.
Past Recipients of the Alumni Chapter Volunteer Service Awards.

College Volunteer Service Awards
Many alumni and friends of the institution are still connected with the academic department or program from which they earned their degree. Service awards are presented to volunteers by each academic college at the university.
Past Recipients of the College-Based Volunteer Service Awards.

Program Volunteer Service Awards
A wide variety of University programs have opportunities for volunteers to get involved and connect according to their interests, passions and hobbies. These programs present service awards to alumni and friends who volunteer their time and energy in support of their mission.
Past Recipients of the Program-Based Volunteer Service Awards.