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Career Center Membership Benefit

The Alumni Association has partnered with the CSUN Career Center to help members use their Matador connections to enhance their career. From polishing that resume to meeting the right people, Cal State Northridge is here to assist you in achieving a fulfilling professional life.

Show your membership card to the Career Center staff to access the benefits listed below. To access jobs online you will need to contact the Career Center to set-up a separate log-in and password. The Career Center can be reached at (818) 677-2878 or visit them online.

Career Center Eligibility:

  • Free for Recent Graduates of CSUN (1-year grace period from last enrollment)
  • Free for Community Members with CURRENT Alumni Association Membership
  • Graduates of CSUN or another CSU (proof of graduation required) must pay individual fees OR be a CSUN Alumni Association Member

1. Basic Registration ($25 per year/Free with current CSUN Alumni Association Membership)

  • Job Fair Attendance
  • Career Library Resources
  • Career Education (workshops and career events)
  • Drop-in Consultation (15 minutes/limit three visits annually/not a guaranteed appointment)
  • Resume Review-critiqued by a trained Peer Educator (limit one per semester/final draft only)

2. Job Search Services ($25 per year/Free with current CSUN Alumni Association Membership)

  • Access to SUNLink -the Career Center's online career services and job board
  • NACElink Extended Job Search-regional & national job board
  • Resume Builder, Opt-In Resume Book, Career Portfolio
  • Mock Interviews-webcam required
  • Career Explorer & Career Finder (career exploration tools)
  • Matador Network (mentoring program)
  • Events & Workshops:
    •     Employer Information Sessions
    •     Networking Programs
  • On-Campus Interviews  (First priority is given to current enrolled students. On-campus interviews are limited to CSUN alumni only. Eligibility will be determined by employer.)

3. E-Career Planning & Guidance ($25 per year/Free with current CSUN Alumni Association Membership)

  • Access to Pathways, the Career Center's online application for career exploration and development
  • Extended Job Search:
    •     Federal, state and local government job sites
    •     Career specific and recommended job sites
  • Self-Guided Career Exercises:
    •     Self-discovery & options
    •     Decision-making & goal setting
  • Career Information and Resources:
    •     Occupations & salaries
    •     Job search preparation & sample resumes
  • How-to Guides for Resumes, Interviewing, and Networking
  • Career guidance and more...