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Dr. Steven M. Graves

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Photo of a compassMy research in recent years has focused on the spatial dymanics and the local effects of subprime, predatory lending, especially payday lenders. I have tried to demonstrate how site location behaviors displayed by this industry lay bare some of their business strategies, especially the contested and critical questions surrouding the compositio of their target demographic.

I have also done research on the music industry, cultural landscapes and waste transportation issues.The table below contain links that open webpages, manuscripts, maps or graphics related to my work. A link to my vita can be found below the table.

A new section includes a variety of resources, data and maps that could not be included in a manuscript entitled "Usury Law and the Christian Right: Faith Based Political Power and the Geography of American Payday Loan Regulation". Catholic University Law Review 57 (3) June, 2008. (co-authored with Christopher Peterson).

The table below contains links to webpages containing research materials, maps, manuscripts related to my efforts. A link to my vita is also below.

Vita : January, 2008 (.pdf)

Table of Links to Research Material
Predatory Lending Cultural Industries Other Research
Usury Law and the Christian Right (includes data, resources) - Spring 2008 Television and Gentrification Nuclear Waste Transportation - forthcoming
Payday Lending and the Military - Oct 2005 Music Industry Coaching as a Metaphor for Teaching -2006
Payday Lenders, Banks, Minorities and the Poor - Fall 2003


Tornado Threat Perception
Payday Lenders vs. Starbucks -2006
(.xls file with graph)

Hip Hop as Folk Music

McDonalds' vs. Payday Lenders -2006    
See Payday Lenders Location with Google Earth    


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