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Dr. Steven M. Graves

Campus Outreach Mapping

The links below take you to a series of maps that have been constructed a prototypes for a larger mapping project. The intent is to provide community stakeholders with an instant snapshot of the outreach activity conducted in the community by CSUN faculty, students and staff. Additional map layers (like overhead transparencies) may be turned on (and off) to provide stakeholders, researchers and grant writers with a snapshot of community needs.

Some of the layers, generally map points, represent CSUN outreach activities, some layers are public domain data served locally (CSUN) or from a distant source.

Here's an example of an class based project where students in Geography 107, worked together to map resources for autistic children and their families in the Inland Empire.

Google Fusion Tables Map (click for full screen)

College of Education

The map below displays the Outreach and Research projects the College of Education have completed in recent years. Two layers display the same data, but differently. The map is built from the table of projects found at this link. Additional Layers includes the test scores by school for 2008(?), expressed as "opportunity scores", which appears to be a product of some type of regression analyiss that factors in both poverty and English language learners. Another available layer is the Regional District Boundaries for Unified Districts.

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College of Health and Human Development

The map below currently displays the location of physical therapy outpatient services offered by CSUN (statewide), and the obesity rate by LA County Health District. Additional layer, not turned on, include adult cholesterol levels by health district and the percentage of children that watch too much TV (from LA County Health Dept.).


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Community Engagement Map

The community engagement map below displays the number of VTC clients per ZIP code in the top layer (green map). A map of health service providers from the US Department of Health and Human Services is the a second layer. This data is served from a public server elsewhere. The bottom layer (red dots) displays the percent of students reported overweight for grades 5,7 and 9 at the school and sometimes school district level. The data is from the California Physical Fitness Test. The obesity map is especially "cool" because the manner in which the data is mapped changes depending on the scale or 'zoom' level. The point map does not seem to be "clickable".

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Mattie's Map

The link above takes you to "Mattie's Map" an earlier prototype that is served via Google Maps. This platform allows for greater customization of the "pop-up" windows, but offers less control for visitors to manipulate the map, to reconfigure the display of variables, colors, etc.

CSUN's New Interactive Campus Map

This map is a cool new interactive, scalable map of CSUN's physical campus in Northridge. Created by Geography Department graduate student, Jorge Chen. Housed on the seasnail server here on campus. Zoom in and out to see the map change. Under construction.

Click link to open the CSUN Interactive Campus Map


If you need to contact me, my email, postal and electronic addresses can all be found at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar.

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