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Research Projects

Usury Law and the Christian Right

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On going collaborative efforts between Steve Graves (Geography, California State University, Northridge) and Chris Peterson (Law, University of Utah) have produced more research findings, data, maps and other materials than can be readily or easily published in a standard journal article.

Since the Graves - Peterson data and findings are in the public interest, we are endeavoring to make the extra materials available to the public via the web both here and at a mirror site at the University of Utah. The table below contains links to data used in the study, plus links that can help visitors use the data via the popular, user-friendly, interactive mapping application Google Earth.

Users will need to download Google Earth and with this application users may layer and manipulate this data, zoom into very local regions. More advanced users may also upload the data and create their own maps. For details on how to use Google Earth see their online users guide.

A draft version of the text that accompanies this data will is now available from the Social Science Research Network. NOTE: This draft contains an extensive appendix including state-by-state analysis, commentary and data. The final draft will not include this lengthy appendix.

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Additional papers by Graves and Peterson are available at SSRN:

Christopher Peterson
Steven Graves

The final version of the paper will be published by the Catholic University Law Review in Spring, 2008.

Full Citation: Graves, Steven and Christopher Peterson. 2008. Usury Law and the Christian Right: Faith Based Political Power and the Geography of American Payday Loan Regulation.  Catholic University Law Review 57 (3) FORTHCOMING

Data, Maps and Resources

Table of Links to Resources *
Data (.xls) Interactive Maps - Includes Labels (Google Earth) Static Maps
Payday Lenders Payday Lenders Locations- United States -2007 (point map) US Payday Lenders
State Ranks- PDL US States Ranked by Payday Lending Activity - 2007 States- PDL (.pdf)
County Ranks - PDL US Counties Ranked by Payday Lending - 2007 (Intrastate Ranks) Counties- PDL
Upper House - PDL State Legislative Districts Ranked by Payday Lending - 2007 (Upper House - Intrastate Ranks) Upper House - PDL
Lower House - PDL State Districts Ranked by Payday Lending - 2007 (Lower House - Intrastate Ranks) Lower House - PDL
US Congress 108- PDL & CPI US Congressional Districts Ranked by Payday Lending -2007 (108th Congress) - not available via GE Congress 108- PDL
US Congressional 110- PDL US Congressional Districts Ranked by Payday Lending -2007 (110th Congress) - not yet available via GE Congress 110- PDL
State Ranks CPI ONLY US States Ranked by Christian Power Index (108th Congress) States - CPI
  For additional census data served via Google Earth, visit CCensus  

Additional information

* Data was gathering largely through government channels. The addresses of payday lenders were gathered from regulatory authorities in respective states, except in a few instances in which the state either had no regulatory authority (Hawaii) or effectively denied access to such data (Texas). In such cases, alternative business directories were cross-referenced. See payday lender file (.xls) for specific notes regarding sources.
* Banking data was gathered from
* Data used to create the Christian Power Index (C.P.I.)

*In 2007, Oregon rolled back the permissible APR to 36%. New Hampshire appears to be poised to do likewise in early 2008.

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