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            Randal Lee Cummings
    Department of Religious Studies

California State University, Northridge
"Home Sweet Home"

Myth, Religion, Culture World Religions Online '07 The Research Paper The Sacred: a synopsis Methodological CategoriesI
Methodological CategoriesII Shameless Self-Referencing The Real Mid-Term World Religions Mid-Term Exam My Personal Bookstore
Western Civilizations Practice Mid-Term Preview of Virtual Course For Fall of 2001
Women and Religion Sample Mid-Term Introduction to the Study of Religion Mid-Term
The Great Internet Religious Links Scavenger Hunt
World Religions Practice Final
Western Civ Practice Final Myth, Religion, and Culture Buddha and the Christ
World Religions on the Mount
Sex and Religion
RS250 Values and Religion RS100 Intro to the Study of Religion Death and Afterlife

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Office: SH 441
Phone: 818/481-5321
Office Hours: TBA, Before and After Class, Online, and by Appointment