RS 150 Honors
Honors World Religion
An Online/Virtual Cyber-Course
Fall 2001

taught by

Randal Cummings

Unlike previous versions of the Honors World Religions Course, this course will take place entirely within cyberspace, the course readings, and the interaction of minds. The classroom is the internet, the books will be available online, and we will never meet physically. Traditional classroom interaction will be amply replaced by the mega-potency and multi-dynamic possibilities of Internet and World Wide Web resources. By participating in this course we embrace the wave of the future and boldly surf our way to hitherto unchartered islands of interaction and billowing horizons of discovery. This course is in no small part made possible by the Webteach program at CSUN.

For further information contact or email the Honors Program (818/677-6558), Pat Nichelson at 818/677-2740 (voicemail) or pat.nichelson@csun.eduYou must do this in order to obtain the ticket number and permission to enroll in the course.

If you are enrolled in this course you are invited to go to the course website.

Office: FOB 236
Phone: 677-5640
Office Hours: MW 12:-1: P.M.