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Western Civilizations Brief Essay Questions (choose five)

What are some of the tendencies or factors that contributed to the reformation?

Discuss two or three figures in The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody

Discuss "witchcraze" and inquisition.

What does Augustine’s The Confessions say about the time in which it was written?

What is significant about The Decameron?

Discuss the implications of The Name of the Rose

How might such methodological factors as cosmology, anthropology, and metaphysics help us to understand the developments of religious phenomena?

What is the relationship of spirituality, religion, culture, etc. for understanding Western Civilization?

Discuss what you feel are the most significant events in the development of Western Civilization.

What are some of the most significant events in Church History?

Discuss the rise and significance of Islam for Western Culture.

Discuss the development and contributions of monasticism to Western Culture.

What role does religion play in Western Civilization?

Discuss anything you feel is relevant.