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Death and Afterlife--Summer 2007

HyperNews provides a bulletin-board forum in which participants can have a tag-team dialogue on important issues. Click one of the following links and you can begin the interaction. Add your message. Post your comments. Unleash your wit. Simply enter your email address and name, scroll down and enter your message, preview, post, and, voila, you are in the public eye. It is a good idea to write your message first in a word-processing format, copy, and then paste it into the HyperNews forum message box. That way you will have a backup copy in case something happens to your message between the preview and posting steps. Just try it. It is much easier than it sounds.

Make sure you read the directions well. At any rate, welcome aboard. We are off on an important and exciting journey together.

Shall we begin?

To be completed by Weekend 2
Profiles in Courage
Doctors and Death

To be completed by Weekend 3

Death and Afterlife Scavenger Hunt
Theodicy Filmography

skull and crossbones created by dan jones

Warning! Don't forget to go back and finish any incomplete postings you may have neglected! Preferably, before proceeding to the Mid-Term.

Mid-Term: To be completed by Weekend 4

Introducing Death and Dying
Capitol Punishment Filmography


Cinematic Spectral Speculations