Alpha Kappa Delta Events

"When fully developed, bureaucracy stands . . . under the principle of sine ira ac studio (without scorn and bias).  Its specific nature which is welcomed by capitalism develops the more perfectly the more bureaucracy is 'dehumanized,' the more completely it succeeds in eliminating from official business love, hatred, and all purely personal, irrational and emotional elements which escape calculation.  This is the specific nature of bureaucracy and it is appraised as its special virtue."  

– Max Weber

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AKD Sponsored Events:

  • CSUN's AKD Kappa Chapter is on Facebook- Meet other AKD members, stay informed, and stay connected.
  • Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society Initiation Ceremony & Dinner on Friday, May 10, 2013 • 6:00pm at the USU Lakeview Terrace Room (inside Plaza del Sol building). An Invitation will be emailed to all members.

Sociology Department/University Events:


Miscellaneous Events:


Events To Expect Throughout The Year (Date and Time TBA):

  • AKD Board Member Elections (Fall)
  • Graduate School Seminar (Fall)
  • Volunteer Day During Winter Holidays (Fall)
  • Fundraisers (One in the Fall and another in the Spring)
  • What you can do with a B.A. in Sociology Seminar/ Resume Workshop (Spring)
  • Research Paper Competition (Spring)
  • Initiation Ceremony (Spring)