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Department of Social Work Annual Events


Lobby Days

Legislative Lobby Days is a two-day event to help educate students and professionals alike about important legislation affecting clients and the social work profession and advocate those issues at the State Capitol. Lobby Days is a great opportunity to learn more about the legislative process and get the "hands-on" lobbying experience of talking to state Legislators about important issues. This year the following three bills were lobbied for: AB 1455 (Campos) on counseling for victims of bullying; AB 1554 (Skinner) on tightening up the oversight of Residential Facilities for the Elderly; and SB 1005 (Lara) Health Care for undocumented immigrants.

Flynn Cup Baseball Tournament

The Flynn Cup is a softball tournament between all the local MSW programs. The Flynn Cup Tournament provides an opportunity to meet fellow MSW students from various Southern California Schools. This year CSUN's team ended at 4th place out of 6 schools. Keep your eyes and ears open for next year's tournament and participate to help CSUN be #1! This Tournament is also open to Alumni to take part in so if you would like to join the team for next year please contact the department. Thank you to all who volunteered their time to play on CSUN's team as well as everyone who attended to cheer them on. 

Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium (GSWEC)

GSWEC is a collaboration among six Graduate Schools of Social Work and nine community agencies specializing in services for older adults. It was established in 1999 to provide aging-focused 2nd year field placements and competency-driven geriatric social work field education. GSWEC field placements are structured to provide students with a well rounded experience of social work with older adults. We thank the above students for participating in GSWEC and their dedication in working with the older adult population in assisting them to age gracefully. 

5th Annual Diversity Day 2014 Recovery: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health

Hosted by the Department of Social Work, Diversity Day is an annual event that provides students with an opportunity to learn from experts in a particular field. Diversity Day grew out of faculty discussion and interest in providing students with an opportunity to hear and meet with experts in a field of a particular area. It's intended to supplement course and field work on topics that are important to prepare social workers to successfully work with families and communities in Los Angeles County and other urban settings. 

"The mental health Recovery Model is a treatment concept wherein a service environment is designed such that consumers have primary control over decisions about their own care. This is in contrast to most traditional models of service delivery, in which consumers are instructed what to do, or simply have things done for them with minimal, if any, consultationfor their opinions.  The Recovery Model is based on the concepts of strengths and empowerment, saying that if individuals with mental illnesses have greater control and choice in their treatment, they will be able to take increased control and initiative in their lives. The Recovery "movement" refers to a mostly grassroots initiative that also encourages these tenets, and has as a goal the recovery from mental illness.  Helping achieve these goals is consistent with the values of the social work profession, which is committed to the empowerment and self-determination for all populations, particularly those who are traditionally disenfranchised."

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