Africana Studies

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Multicultural Requirement

Two of the following courses may be taken to satisfy the Multicultural Requirement. At least one course from these three sections must focus on Chicano Culture.

Section A - The Child

  • PAS 417 Equity and Diversity in Schools

    Prepares teacher candidates to examine principles of educational equity, diversity, and the implementation of curriculum content and school practices for elementary/secondary students. Focuses on the history and culture of a specific ethnic experience and a comparative analysis made with other ethnic groups in California. Engages students to examine, critique, and reflect on their personal biases regarding children of color.

Section B - The Community

  • PAS 300 Contemporary Issues in the African American Community
    Prerequisite: Completion of the lower-division writing requirement. An in-depth exploration of the social, political, cultural, and economic issues in the African-American community. Provides insight on the extent to which these issues affect the Black individual and family in their interaction with majority American society. (Available for Section B of the Multicultural Requirement for Credential Candidates and for General Education, Comparative Cultural Studies).

Section C - Linguistics

  • PAS 395 Bilingualism in the African American Community 
    Prerequisite: Completion of the lower division writing requirement.
    Explores the genesis of African-American linguistic patterns with a focus on acquisition of Ebonics as a socio-cultural linguistic phenomenon. (Available for Section C of the Multicultural Requirement for Credential Candidates).