Africana Studies


Program Options for the Major

The Africana Studies (AFRS) major is a multidisciplinary academic major (45 units) designed for students who wish to gain an understanding of the history, psychology, sociology, literature, culture and education of African-Americans and other Africans in the diaspora and the continent.

There are two components to the Africana Studies Major:

  1. The completion of the core requirements (21 units)
  2. The completion of one of three specific options (24 units). For each of the options, there are specific Lower and Upper Division core courses and electives that are relevant to that concentration. All students who major in Africana Studies must select one of the three options, each of which is designed to prepare students for graduate study or for a career of their choice. The three specific options within the major enable students to concentrate their efforts on certain aspects of this broad subject.

Option 1: African and African-American Social SciencesOption 1:

B.A., Africana Studies

African and African-American Social Sciences

View Option 1 Course Requirements

Option 2: African and African-American Humanities and Cultural Studies

Option 2:

B.A., Africana Studies

African and African-American Humanities and Cultural Studies

View Option 2 Course Requirements

Option 3: African-American Urban EducationOption 3:

B.A., Africana Studies

African-American Urban Education

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