Africana Studies

AFRS Student Accomplishments Take Center Stage

Anaya Galves, Africana Studies Major


Anaya Galves, Africana Studies Major

About Anaya


I received the 2020 CSBS Student Impact Award for the highest GPA shift in all of my department. This award shows the growth and expansion in my knowledge over the course of four years. Although the award itself was a blessing, the knowledge was the ultimate gift.


I received the James Bracy Memorial Merit Scholarship in 2019 for academia. With this award, I was able to take a moment and realize my hard work and mentorship paid off. Since then, I still put 100% into my academic growth and continue to mentor students about Black history and how they contribute to the success of Black lives.

Additional Program Experience

I will be attending CSUN's Higher Leadership Education Master's of Arts program in the Fall of 2020.

What matters to me

My degree in Africana Studies is the first in many steps I am taking to educate the world and consumers of knowledge on what the Black community is capable of. I appreciate the honor and accolades along the way, but it also shows that my work is being recognized.