Volume 38:14

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1.  Announcements Apologies to all whose Thursday's Notes shows up in their inbox looking a bit funky (for example, no nice spaces between entries). This seems to be a browser…

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Volume 38:13

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Invitation Linda Nichols Joseph ’81 in honor of the establishment of the  Linda Nichols Joseph English Merit Scholarships  and for the naming of the Linda Nichols Joseph English Reading Room…

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Volume 38:12

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1.  Announcements It's always hard to open these announcements with sad news, but our hearts and thoughts go out this week to Amy Reynolds, whose sister, Julia Kay (Bartle) Garcia, passed…

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Volume 38.11

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1.  Announcements The CSUN English Department was greatly saddened to learn of the loss of Laura Salwet, a graduate student and TA in the Creative Writing Program, beloved and respected…

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Volume 38.10

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1.  Announcements Spring is upon us, and with it, a host of new retirements. We are happy for them in their new life adventure, but, sadly, we will miss:  Martha Alzamora, Pam…

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Volume 38.9

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1.  Announcements Tomorrow marks the end of the third week of instruction and the last day for students to drop or add on SOLAR, thus bringing to a welcome conclusion…

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Volume 38:8

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1.  Announcements Here we are again, at the start of another Spring semester which commenced, as usual, with rain and, as ever in honor of Lesley Johnstone, the blossoming of…

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