April 22, 2011 - CSU the Next 50 Years

Conference speakers and panelists considered how CSU Northridge--could best serve the state and nation in the years ahead while maintaining access, quality and affordability in a time of diminishing resources.

Event Opening

Steven Stepanek

Northridge Faculty President, Steven Stepanek Download Transcript

Jolene Koester

University President, Jolene Koester Download Transcript

Charles Reed

Chancellor Charles Reed  -  Keynote Speaker Download Transcript

Alex Padilla

Plenary speaker  -  State Senator Alex Padilla Download Transcript


PANEL 1 : P-12, Community Colleges and the CSU (Download Transcript)

Nancy Shulock

Nancy Shulock, CSU Sacramento, Educational Policy Institute

Jane Patton

Jane Patton, President Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges—ASCCC           

Robert Bucker

Robert Bucker, Dean, Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication,  Executive Director of Valley Performing Arts Center CSUN

Michael Spagna

Michael Spagna, Dean, Michael Eisner College of Education      

Cheryl Spector

Cheryl Spector, Moderator, Director, Academic First Year Experiences

PANEL 2: Funding Models for the CSU (Download Transcript)

Judy Heiman

Judy Heiman, CSU California Principle Fiscal and Policy Analyst, California Legislative Analyst’s Office

Tom McCarron

Tom McCarron, CSUN Vice President of Administration and Finance and Chief Fiscal Officer 

Garrett P. Ashley

Mr. Garrett P. Ashley, Vice Chancellor of University Relations and Finance – CFO California State University

Melanie Williams

Melanie Williams, Moderator, Chair of Business Law


PANEL 1 : P-12, Community Colleges and the CSU (Download Transcript)

Richard Moore

Dr. Richard Moore,  CSUN College of Business

Sheldon Axler

Sheldon Axler, Dean of Science and Engineering, SFSU

Ephraim Smith

Ephraim Smith, CSU Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer CSU                 

Conor Lansdale

Conor Lansdale, Moderator, CSUN Associated Student Body President

PANEL 2: Funding Models for the CSU (Download Transcript)

Gerry Hanley

Gerry Hanley, Senior Director, Academic Technology Services CSU

Teri Yamada

Teri Yamada, Asian American Studies and CFA President, CSULB

Jerald Schutte

Dr. Jerald Schutte, (Substitute for Otto Benavides, Ed.S,)

Joyce Feucht-Haviar

Joyce Feucht-Haviar, Moderator, Dean of Tseng Extended Learning, CSUN

SUMMATION: Next Steps (Download Transcript)

Listen to the Audio Statements:

Jolene Koester Charles Reed Padilla Hellebrand Hellebrand


Jolene Koester,
CSUN University President


Charles Reed,
CSU Chancellor


Alex Padilla,
California State


Harry Hellenbrand,
CSUN Provost


Steven Stepanek,
CSUN Faculty President

Hanley Gerard Schutte


Jane Patton,
Community College Faculty Senate President


Gerard L. Hanley,
Senior Director, Academic Technology Services


Jerald G. Schutte,
Chair, Education Resources Committee