Funding the Future of the CSU

The faculty at Cal State Northridge is hosting an important symposium challenging the question of how to fund the future of public higher education and in specific: "Funding the Future of the CSU." This important two day event will take place on Monday, April 2, and Tuesday April 3, 2012, and situated on the California State University, Northridge campus.

Event Agenda


Symposium Report

Symposium Transcripts

Common platform documents for the symposium include:

"Dollars and Cents" by Nancy Shulock, Jeremy Offenstein, Camille Esch: Download

"The College of 2020: Students" June 2009 Chronicle Research Services. Download

"This is no country for the young" by University President Harry Hellenbrand Download

"Seven Principles", Campaign for Higher Education Download

Legislative Analyst Report: "Improving Higher Education Oversight" Download

Financing future attainment…Using spending data to improve state policy capacity for fiscal decision making. Presentation to California Postsecondary Education Commission, March 1, 2011, Jane Wellman Download

FROM CHAOS TO ORDER AND BACK? A Revisionist Reflection on the California Master Plan for Higher Education@50 and Thoughts About its Future by John Aubrey Douglass. CSHE 7.10 (May 2010) Download

Re-Imagining California Higher Education by John Aubrey Douglass. CSHE.14.10 (October 2010) Download

Reinventing California's higher education system by John Aubrey Douglass Download

"Let's stand up for education together: A California assemblyman's work to save education" By California Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield – The Daily Sundial, March 12, 2012 Download