Business Law

BLAW and Real Estate Advisement

Business Law & Real Estate Upper Division Advisement

BLAW and Real Estate Advisement

Business Law & Real Estate Upper Division Students who are currently enrolled or have completed BUS302/L may seek an upper division advisement with questions regarding: 

  • Applying for Graduation: If you are applying for graduation, please bring your graduation application with a completed Degree Progress Report/Planner attached, make sure your DPR/Plannner is complete and all your courses are planned. There should be no red on your DPR/Planner. All courses should be completed, marked IP (In Progress) or marked as PC (Planned Course). If you need help in completing your DPR/Planner, visit: Degree Progress Report and Planner Guide
  • Course Planning:  Information regarding required major courses or major electives. An updated Degree Progress Report (DPR) is required. 
  • Questions regarding majors/minors: An updated Degree Progress Report (DPR) is required. 

You may book an appointment with Jasmine Edelen online at: 

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Please Note: 

  • There are NO WALK-IN appointments available, appointments must be made online. 
  • In consideration of other students please be prompt and bring all required paperwork to your appointment.. Plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment. Students who arrive late or do not have the proper documentation will be asked to reschedule.  
Students who are on probation or academically disqualified must contact the Student Services Center for advisement.


Pre-Law and Career Mentoring

Pre-Law and Career Mentoring: Business Law Faculty Mentors

Spring 2016 Mentoring Hours (.pdf) 

Although the American Bar Association has advised that a pre-law undergraduate major is not necessary to attend law school, some students who major in Business Law may be interested in becoming lawyers. The decision to go to law school is often difficult. Preparing to apply for law school involves thoughtful and serious reflection. There are many factors that law school admissions committees will consider about your background and interests, your achievements, and your performance on the admissions exam and in your undergraduate studies.

All Business Law department faculty members are attorneys who can give advice to prospective law students. In addition, the following information, prepared by one of our faculty members, should prove helpful.

For more information please follow the link "You Can Get There From Here: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Into Law School"(.pdf) by Melanie Stallings Williams, J.D., department chair and professor of Business Law and former director of the COBAE Graduate Program.


Law School Preparation Useful Information

There is a variety of useful information on the internet regarding law school preparation, the application process, and the law school experience. You may find the following websites to be particularly helpful.

ABA Required Disclosures 

This site provides detailed information about all accredited law schools.

Law School Admission Council

This site contains useful information about registering for and taking the LSAT, as well as information about applying to law school.

Internet Legal Resources Guide Pre-Law Student Services

This useful site contains information and links to information ranging from taking the LSAT and law school rankings to applying to law schools and financial aid.

Graduate School Guide

This site has information and links to law schools and graduate programs in other fields.

Campus Tours

In addition to information about financial aid and links to student-oriented websites, you can "visit"  and take a virtual tour of many university campuses using interactive maps, college web-cams, online video tours, campus photos.

U.S. News & World Report's Graduate School Rankings

Law school rankings and other graduate school rankings appear on this site.

Legal Learning for Pre-Law Students

This site contains useful information about preparing and surviving law school.

Association of American Law Schools

You can find links here to all of the law school programs accredited by the American Bar Association.

JURIST: Life in Law School

This site contains a number of links describing what the law school experience is like for entering students. Going to Law School

You will find information here on preparing for, choosing, applying to, and financing law school.

Preparing for Legal Education

This is the American Bar Association's official statement about preparing for law school.

Legal Writing Prep

Legal Writing: Plain and Simple.

LSAT Test Preparation Courses

The Tseng College offers preparation test