Writing Center Policies and FAQ

General Student Conduct at the Writing Center:

Making an appointment within the Learning Resource Center's Writing Programs:

  • Drop-in sessions may be available on a first come, first serve basis. These sessions are not guaranteed.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, your session may be given to a drop-in and you will be considered a “No Show”.

Lower Division and Upper Division Writing Center:

  • Will discuss any writing, reading, or presentation-based assignments with students
  • Only one assignment can be discussed/reviewed during the appointment.
  • Consultants are not able to help on take-home exams without written consent from the professor. 

Reading/Writing Workshops:

  • Arrive a few minutes early to check in and sign in.*
  • Be sure to have the correct link and passcode for Zoom workshops.
  • Be receptive to trying out alternative ideas and/or approaches.
  • Be prepared to learn!
  •  If you are more than 10 minutes late, you cannot enter an already started workshop.
  • Click here to see the schedule for workshops


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give feedback on your services?

We welcome and encourage feedback on all of our services! Your feedback will be anonymous and will be used to improve our services.

Feedback on our tutoring services can be submitted via this form.

Feedback on our writing workshops can be submitted here.

Can I get help even if I'm not writing an essay?

Did you know that we can help you with more than just essays? Our consultants also specialize in resumes, personal statements, cover letters, reports, and presentations. Our Upper Division consultants are also CSUN lecturers who teach in various disciplines; they can help with a wide range of projects. Our Lower Division consultants are upper level and graduate students from a variety of disciplines who are ready to share their knowledge with you.

Can I make a group appointment?

We invite students working on group projects to schedule an hour-long group appointment with a writing consultant. Please be aware that consultants can only look at content when the author is present; if some group members are missing, we will only be able to discuss the parts of the work that were completed by group members who are present.

To schedule a group appointment, email us at or call us at (818) 677-2033 Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm. Be prepared to provide all group members' full name and student ID number.

Do you offer accommodations?

Students who receive time accommodations through DRES are encouraged to schedule a 60-minute appointment with a consultant.

Deaf or hard-of-hearing students can request that the consultant communicate primarily through the chat, have their camera on so that you can read their lips, or use the live captioning. If you would like to have an interpreter join the meeting, please request one through the NCOD and inform the consultant that the interpreter will be joining the session.

Please let us know if there are other ways we can accommodate you.

Do you assist with exams, midterms, and finals?

Consultants will usually be able to help you approach, plan, or revise take-home exams, as long as your professor has given you permission (please check with them first). As always, you're in charge of the content; we're here to support and guide you towards a better understanding of your task and the best ways to approach it.