Student Affairs staff can use the following form to request training on writing, graphics or Web-One. Read the descriptions below to determine the training that is right for you and your team.

Web-One style guide training

Student Affairs web content coordinators receive group training on writing and graphics to implement in their department websites.  The training is based on the Student Affairs Web-One Content Style Guide and the Student Marketing & Communications (SM&C) Style Guide. This group training includes an informative presentation and a number of handouts on grammar, punctuation, web accessibility, AP style and common university style guide rules. SM&C also goes over the process of requesting new icons and basic rules for graphics, such as pixel requirements and choosing student-centric themes in banner images.

Web content coordinator Web-One training

In addition to group training, Student Marketing & Communications (SM&C) also provides one-on-one training with the Student Affairs web content coordinators. Anyone who is updating the department’s website is welcome to participate — from department representatives to student assistants. These one-on-one meetings can be a supplemental reminder of previous training or a chance to become aware of accessibility training dates provided by the Universal Design Center. It can also be a chance to get specific information on web accessibility, such as links, word usage, document accessibility and other helpful programs.

Writers’ workshop

Student Affairs staff receive information about how to improve their overall level of writing in and out of the workplace. Using a fun and interactive Jeopardy game, staff learn about email etiquette, homonyms, contractions, sentence clauses, social media tips, university writing styles and Web-One style guides.