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Strategic Communications (SC) welcomes anyone from the university to use the resources listed below when preparing CSUN communications. We put together a list of university-wide graphic and writing guides and supplemental guides developed by SC.

If you’re a part of the Student Affairs web content coordinator group, view the information provided for meeting dates, Web-One training sessions and other relevant material.

Proofreading checklist

Check capitals

Ensure that only headlines and proper nouns are capitalized.

Check facts

Proper nouns
Confirm the year/semester has been properly updated. If a day of the week is listed, check a calendar to ensure it is accurate.


Check that hyphenation of words meets AP Style (such as compounds: e.g., pre-nursing).
Check end-of-line breaks for correct word breaks. Consult the dictionary.


Check that they are in alphabetical order or in another logical sequence.


Check that numbers one through nine are spelled out, and numerals are used for 10 and above.
Check consistency if there is a mix of numbers.
Check that numerals are used for addresses, dates, page numbers, decimals, percentages, ages, etc.
Verify accuracy of phone numbers and URLs.


Make sure that simple lists do not use the serial comma, unless they include a second conjunction, and check for complex phrases that may need a comma as well.
Make sure every sentence ends with a punctuation mark.
Make sure appropriate online references have quotation marks.
Check for dangling or misplaced modifiers and phrases.
Check punctuation in bulleted lists for consistency.
Check for sentence fragments or run-on sentences.


Avoid repetitive use of words.


Check for consistent spacing between paragraphs, sections, bullets, etc.
After each period, make sure there is one, not two, spaces.


Check spelling as a unique step, particularly checking words that may have been abbreviated and then spelled out.
Look for transposed, missing or added letters in a word.

Check for misuse of common homonyms

its, it’s
our, are
there, their, they’re
to, too, two
your, you’re


Avoid passive voice.
Check that subjects and verbs agree.
Check that verb tenses are consistent.
Check verb and number agreement.

Reload page to reset check boxes.

Style guides

Web content coordinators group

The Student Affairs web content coordinators (WCC) group was formed as a collaborative effort between Strategic Communications (SC) and Student Affairs Information Technology (SAIT) to unify the web and technology priorities under the division of Student Affairs.

The web content coordinators group, which is comprised of representatives from every Student Affairs department, first met in 2012 to discuss the division’s transition to Web-One, CSUN’s content management system. The group now meets every other month

Once a website is fully launched in Web-One, the representative is responsible for managing his or her department website updates. If you would like to update your website, email the person listed as your department representative before contacting SC or SAIT.

For upcoming meeting dates and Web-One training sessions, or a list of current web content coordinators, please contact Steven Campos at