Informational Packet Request Form

CSUN faculty and staff, high school and community college counselors, and community-based organizations or nonprofits may use the form below to request recruitment materials. Requested marketing pieces must be used specifically for the purpose of recruiting new students to the CSUN campus. All internal campus departments are limited to 100 pieces per year and outside agencies and schools are limited to 50 pieces per year.

Internal campus departments that need more than 100 pieces may request the original artwork and print their own material.

Requests must be made at least five business days prior to the requested pick-up date. If the request is for an off-campus agency or school, please allow three weeks for delivery through the U.S. Postal Service.

All requests will go through a rigorous approval process; requests received are not guaranteed approval.

Assuming Student Marketing & Communications (SM&C) and the requester meet their respective deadlines, other factors may impact the completion of an order, such as production issues or delivery delays. If one of these problems occurs, SM&C will notify the requester as soon as possible. 

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