• Portfolio and Publications

Portfolio and Publications

Strategic Communications serves the campus by delivering student-focused university information through print and digital media. Select samples of our work below to get a well-rounded idea of what our team of creative experts can produce. To obtain a printed copy of our publications, email

Digital content

Strategic Communications (SC) generates digital content for Student Outreach and Recruitment and the university. For more information, check out samples of our digital content below.  

CSUN mobile app

In collaboration with central Information Technology, SC creates content for the CSUN mobile app. The app serves as an additional way to communicate with the community about campus services in an ever-changing technological landscape. Among many features, the app allows you to add or drop classes and pay tuition and fees on the go. With the addition of the tour module, students can now take a self-guided online tour of the campus.

Student Affairs websites

The Web-One content management system is CSUN’s answer to improving the accessibility, navigation and consistency of the university’s web presence. SC has worked with Student Affairs departments to transition 23 websites into Web-One. The transition included editing and transferring existing content as well as creating new text and graphics based on the AP Stylebook, university writing style guides, and Web-One and ADA-accessibility standards.

Email communications

SC communicates university-level messages to prospective, applicant, admitted and current students through email campaigns. Students receive emails about their admissions status, reminders to take required tests, invitations to Student Outreach and Recruitment events and technological updates.

myNorthridge Portal

The myNorthridge Portal is CSUN’s official web portal for applicant, admitted and current students. It is personalized for each user and designed to provide access to campus resources and services in one convenient location. SC regularly updates content in the myNorthridge Portal and its landing pages including student profile articles and academic tips articles that help students navigate college life.

Social media

SC likes, tweets, posts and pins through CSUN’s official social media accounts. CSUN’s Facebook, InstagramSnapchatTwitter and YouTube are avenues to communicate with our 40,000 students about campus news, events, services and activities. 

Print materials

Strategic Communications (SC) creates recruitment and marketing publications on behalf of Student Outreach and Recruitment and the university. View our publications below.  

Admissions packets

The admissions packets welcome newly admitted freshmen and transfer students to the university. Each includes a certificate, a letter and a brochure detailing the next steps for incoming students.

CSUN admissions packet mockup

Admissions sheet

The admissions sheet gives practical information for incoming freshmen in Spanish. It lists placement test dates, deadlines and education costs, and provides step-by-step information on the application process.
 CSUN admissions sheet mockup

College sheets

College sheets provide in-depth information about CSUN’s eight academic colleges. Each sheet includes majors, degrees, career options, clubs and organizations.

CSUN college sheets mockup

CSUN mobile app icons and marketing

The CSUN mobile app icons and marketing materials highlight app features, app icon designs and promotional items. 

CSUN app and marketing

CSUN view book

The CSUN view book provides general university information, including details about the application process, admissions requirements, education costs and campus life.

CSUN view book mockup


Search pieces

Search pieces are targeted to specific demographics: prospective freshmen and transfer students and international students. Each piece includes information on admissions requirements, the application process, education costs, majors and degrees, student services, housing and campus life.   

CSUN search pieces mockup

Social media marketing

Social media marketing materials promote CSUN’s official social media accounts aimed at keeping you connected to the campus.

CSUN social media marketing mockup

Style guides and trainings

SC supplemental style guides

Since Stategic Communications (SC) prepares university information through print and digital formats, our creative experts put together writing and digital style guides to supplement the university-wide use of CSUN’s style guides. Download any of our style guides by selecting the links below.

SC trainings

SC also creates and conducts trainings on writing, graphics and Web-One for Student Affairs. For more information, check out the description of each training below.

Web-One style guide training

Student Affairs Web content coordinators receive group training on writing and graphics to implement in their department websites.  The training is based on the Student Affairs Web-One Content Style Guide and the Strategic Communications (SC) Style Guide. This group training includes an informative presentation and a number of handouts on grammar, punctuation, web accessibility, AP style and common university style guide rules. SM&C also goes over the process of requesting new icons and basic rules for graphics, such as pixels requirements and choosing student-centric themes in banner images.

Web content coordinator Web-One training

In addition to group training, SC also provides one-on-one training with Student Affairs web content coordinators. Anyone who is updating the department’s website is welcome to participate — from department representatives to student assistants. These one-on-one meetings can be a supplemental reminder of previous training or a chance to become aware of accessibility training dates provided by the  Universal Design Center. It can also be a chance to get specific information on web accessibility, such as links, word usage, document accessibility and other helpful programs.

Writers’ workshop

Student Outreach and Recruitment (SOAR) staff members receive information about how to improve their overall level writing in and out of the workplace. Using a fun and interactive Jeopardy game, SOAR staff learn about email etiquette, homonyms, contractions, sentence clauses, social media tips, university writing styles and Web-One style guides. 

To request a training session for you and your team, visit the Trainings page


Strategic Communications (SC) has produced a number of videos for the university. Check out a small sample of our film work, and see how we’ve made CSUN shine!