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I am a student athlete, and I am pro-fee because I feel that it helps our school as a whole. Yes, students will have to pay an extra $100 in tuition, but the advances for our school as a whole are tremendous. Not only will there be no more lab fees, but updates to our technology will help students succeed. Furthermore, financial support for various clubs and the athletic department will most definitely help our school spirit, and I think most of the student population will be very proud to be a Matador. Finally, financial additions to student support services are key to the success of those students needing help, whether it be counseling, tutoring or any other kind of support. Overall, the fee proposal is very good and should be implemented. X X   X X X
I like that there will no longer be lab fees and that it will keep CSUN up to date with technology. Also the money it gives to athletics and the possibility of it increasing school spirit through that is a great thing. X X     X X
I believe the Campus Quality Fee Proposal is a great way to earn money for many programs at CSUN. Athletics in particular wiil benefit from the program and the funds will also improve students experience at CSUN. Also it will help CSUN move forward in technology and the strength of diplomas from this university. (name deleted)-Softball   X     X X
I think this fee would benifit the students 100%. I have read over the pros and cons of the fee and I beleive the pros look a lot more pleasing than to not having the quality fee. One aspect that I find most pleasing is the school support. I am a track athlete and I have attended a lot of athletic events. I beleive the school spirit would increase due to the proposed fee. And I would also like to see the athletic teams not neeing in so much need of funds and I beleive this fee would benifit all teams. I also find the part of staying up to date with technology appealing because technology is always changing. As a student, I would like to know that the technology I would be using is up to date and I would have the same advantage as other well known universties. Thank you for hearing my thought on the fee. I hope this will help you make campus life for students a lot more pleasurable. (name deleted)   X     X X
Please register my positive endorsement of this prposed fee. It keeps us in step with technology campus wide and provides necessary funding to take our sports program to a level that will let us compete with our sister Big West institutions and improve our national competitive opportunities. It will also improve the value of the CSUN diploma and image regionally and nationally. A CSUN administrator   X     X X
The fee increase for CSUN students is a very good proposal because it will positively impact so many people and improve the quality of campus life. The technology improvements would reach a large group of people. The money put toward student athletes would not only greatly benefit the athletes, but would help the reputation of the university and help bring together students in supporting the school and showing school spirit, something the campus lacks right now.   X     X X
The campus quality fee will overall positively impact so many of the students at CSUN. Students in labs, students who use all the different technology CSUN has to offer, and student athletes really need the benefit of this proposed fee increase. It will also improve the reputation CSUN has and therefore will benefit the school as a whole. X X     X X
I think the fee proposed is a very good idea. I think this because it would get our sports more money which would greatly help and get our school more recognized.         X X
I am in support of the fee increase for the university. It will positively increase school involvement in clubs, organizations, and athletics. Eventually, this will influence the reputation at csun and popularity will increase. Please pass this proposal!!!         X X
I'm a student athlete, and I am greatly infavor of this! Not only will it be helping athletes but it will also help the school community as a whole. It will help with school spirt, and other organizations as well.         X X
I am on the csun swim team and a business double major and I support this proposal. I believe it will help csun's reputation to grow as a school with great academics and promising athletics. It is a small price to pay for a quality education and increased school spirit.         X X
i think this would be a great idea because it would raise money that is greatly needed for the matador athletics and we would also get recognized by other schools.         X X
Hello, Im a student athlete who strongly feels that the Quality Fee Prposal does more than provide funds for groups, orgs, and athletics. This proposal is a step towards our university reaching its full potential. The Quality Fee Proposal provides funding towards the places that unite the university most. Strengthening groups, orgs, and athletics with this proposal means raising the bar for CSUN as a whole thus adding to the schools appeal and gaining pride in this great place.         X X
I find this proposel a very posative step to improve the student life on our campus. As an assistent coach for the M-soccer program, I feel that this will provid stability to our department, which will help our school achive better resolt on the field. Thus, the school pride will increase. I hope this proposel will pass, and I believe that time will tell the great impact it had on our university.         X X
I feel that it is crucial that our athletic fund can obtain more money because it is needed. Athletics aid in the traditional experience of college and it has been proven to help in active mental participation in academics; that is obviously the number one goal here. It would not hurt if, maybe, a couple bucks could go towards a football team as well.         X X
please please please pass the proposal...I am a student athlete and compared to many other school our facilities, equipment, and team all need some upgrades. This fee proposal if passed would help all of that. We would have more money for equipment, or be able to purchase the better equipmet, more money for scholarships, and also our facilities could be upgraded. It not alot to ask from student especially when other school fees are around 1000 all we are asking for is 100. If the fee was passed people would still attened school, we would not have lower enrollment because they had to pay an additional 60-70 dollars. Those people if they are unable to pay the fee should find a way. Im sure they are spending money on something they could have saved it for instead. If theres a will theres always a way...please please please pass the fee proposal....thanks :)         X X
I really think that the fee proposal is a good idea. O am a swimmer on the swim team and this fee proposal will help alot. Many people I have talked to wish that the athletic program at CSUN could be more competitive. This proposal will help our athletic program alot. Not only will this help athletics it will help many other clubs such as the greek system and intramurals.         X X
I would like to see the Campus Quality Fee Proposal go into affect for many reasons; the overall quality of the school will be improved, it will help keep the athletic events free to all students during the year, the students will benefit with new equipment and electronics across campus. This Fee Proposal will have a major effect on this campus for many years at a small price to the students with what they will get in return. Being a student athlete as well, I love the fact that I can be an cost free entertainment to the students on this campus day in and day out, I would hate to see them pay to come and watch amateur sports on their own campus.         X X
the CSUN proposal bill seems to be the best interest for the future of our students .No matter what happens with this proposal, eventually all of us will have to pay extra in school because of inflation and rise of gas prices. There are some people that suggest not to accept the bill because it will be a burden for them to pay extra for school but i disagree tuition shouldn't be looked as a bill but as an investment in life. Furthermore the money from this proposal will help us get new computers and computer upgrades that we desperately need to be in the cutting age against all the Cal States. We desperately need this bill because it will help our students become well educated, as a result more students will graduate from csun and be productive citizens in our community when they graduate. In addition the money that will go to the sports program will benefit CSUN because it will make it easier for our Division 1 teams to have better equipment to challenge other elite Division 1 teams. We already have one of the best valley ball teams in the nation and in Track and field we have two National champions which makes our sports program a little intimate; as a result more students will want to apply to our school because they would be proud to say that they are matadors. This will not happen if our sport team doesn't get the money necessary to compete with other schools that eventually will pass bills similar to ours. Thank you for your time         X X
I think that this new student fee is an amazing and logical opportunity. Not only will its benefits increase our school's appeal to incoming freshman and transfers but it will also promote current students to continue their education at Csun. Technology is constantly changing and I feel that our computers do need some updating. With this fee we will be able to have better labs and more classroom tools to promote enhanced learning. This is something that I think we sometimes lack in. I also feel that we are at a loss of counseling and tutoring services, due to cost of keeping them on staff. If we were to pass this fee I think that more students would really start to see a positive difference in the services that we are offered.. Lastly I support this fee, because I think it will help the school become more involved and supportive of extracurricular activities that can only benefit us. Athletic teams who are not able to travel because of not enough funds, would be given the opportunity to represent the school and to put into action what they train hard for everyday. I hear students complaining all of the time that our school's equipment is old, there is not enough resources, and that they can't find anything to become involved in. If we were to not pass this fee I feel that we would be passing up a once and a lifetime opportunity, to carry out and pursue what a university stands for, and that is academic and personal excellence! X X   X X  
the proposed fee increase is going to benefit all stundets in many ways. many students pay a lot in lab fees and with these proposed fee increase students are not going to pay por any of those lab fees. students pay more for that than they will pay for the proposed fee increase. we are also going to have more technology and we'll be more updated in everything. we ar also going to have more advisement resources. student athletes are also going to represent the school better. they need more resources and with these fee increase everysingle program is going to be benefitted. i believe the fee to be very important for every student because we are all going to benefit from it. X X   X X  
I believe that athletics is part of the total university experience. I would definitely support any measure that would help our student athlete. The reason many of our athletes are not supported is the lack of quatity facilities. A true learning center for athletes to study and be mentored is definitely needed. Many of the larger teams(track and field, Soccer(Men and Women), Baseball cannot study as a team. Not enough space, not enough high tech space for internet services, and difficult for a mentor to cover all the students. Upgrading many of the athletic venues(gymnasium, track and field, softball, baseball diamonds, and tennis court for evening play and more seating would make our teams more competive in the Big West and MPSF. A vote of confidence from the school adminstration would also help us retain athletes and coaches of the various sports. Thank you for considerations   X   X X  
I agree with the new proposed increase for the CSU students. Being a student athlete here at CSUN, I believe that the fee increase will have a huge effect on our sporting events and how people view our school. Not only can this fee make a difference for many students on campus, but it can also contribute to other accepts of the school; academics, technology, lab fees, more parking structures, classroom activites, etc...I think that this fee would be great for our school and of course become very succesful for everyone who attends Cal State University of Northridge.   X   X X  
Dear President, As a student athlete and a regular student i believe that this fee referendum will have a huge impact in a positive way. By passing this referendum more money will be given to all the different programs on campus. Not only will athletics benefit from the money but all the other progranms on campus will also. By getting this passed there will eb more oney to hire more staff for different programs like counseling, tutoring, and many other dfferent programs.By raising the fee students have to realize that it is only for their benefit and even if they claiom to not use the services its almost guaranteed that they use the services of the school at some point like using the computers or having someone there to help them with financial aid questions or anything of that matter. This fee referendum will also help our school catch up on technology as far as getting new computers and labs which is a big priority for students because they need to type papers and research for classes.We deserve liek any other university to have the best of resources and events and activities like other school and although i believe our school does a pretty good job what would it be like to have a bigger budget and be able to get even more. Also this benefits athletics because i myself am a part of athletics and as athletes we have such a tight budget that sometimes its hard to get what we need and we end up having to fundraise. BY this referendum being passed students can still enjoy coming to games for free and atheletes can have more oney that will benefit to giving more money for equipment. uniforms and more trips to compete at higher levels and continue to bring championships to our school. In closing the referendum will bring benefit to not only students, btu also athletes because of the sufficienmt amount of money going to so many different programs. I really think this should be taken into consideration and ruled by a yes. I often hear students complain about hwy northridge doesnt have certaint hings that other universities have but they dont realize it takes money to do certain things and with all the budget cuts things can only get worse. It is up to us to make a difference and by making this qulaity fee happen it will make us happeier as students to see more money come into our school and see the new changes come into play if we do get this passed. I hope for the best turnout in responses and ho[pe that you consider passing this fee. Thanks   X   X X  
I fully support the Campus Quality Fee Proposal. As a California State University, Northridge faculty member and former CSUN student, I understand the importance of enhancing the quality of campus life for all students. I feel the fee is justified as CSUN has not implemented new fees in over 10 years. The fee supports athletics, academic and student services which is greatly needed. By doing so, it will provide quality experiences for students at a modest fee.       X X  
I think that the new fee proposal will benefit everyone because it will give the school money to do better things and to improve on the things that we already have. I know some people may say "No they're trying to break our pockets", but you have to look at the long-run effects of the proposal. Yes, it's more money but it's also better events on campus, bigger or even more entertainers for the Big Show event and even more importantly more money for the health center, fitness center, counselling office, and even to add more food places on campus if that were a choice. It may seem like a lot of money but in the long run it is more than worth it. We all want to get a good education at a good/great college, but we also want the college to be filled with great service and exciting experiences. It's also a great help to our athletic program. Let's all take part in contributing to the growth and expansion of this Great Unversity that is California State University Northridge, it's a great proposal that will benefit everyone from faculty to students whether they are part-time or full-time students. Thank you, (name deleted)       X X  
I believe this Campus Quality Fee Proposal is a good move for all students and supporters of the university. With the uncertain times witht the economy, the fee will reduce the stress on student by offering better support in many areas of campus life. Not only does the university service the educational goals of the students but should assist with the entire development of the student such as personal services for resume writing, stress management, recreational and competitive sports as a way of life, and providing access to technology that will be used in the work force. With this Fee Propoasl, CSUN will be able to supply more energy to meeting the mission 'to promote the welfare and intellectual progress of students.' I fully support the Campus Quality Fee Proposal.       X X  
on april 2 met wih hhd chairs. (name deleted) and (name deleted) led the supporting statement about benefit to ira, research, and facilities shared with athl. only concerns focused on how depts would be made whole.(name deleted) and HHD shall forward a summary.     X   X  
The Campus Quality Fee Proposal is the best thing that can happen at CSUN for both the development of the student and the campus. The quality of education is undersold, and the students will benefit more by not having to pay out of pocket lab fees, and be in an environment that they can be proud of, and value. I am in the athletic department and feel that the students want to be a part of something special. What an incredible opportunity for the students to have a place where they can be proud to wear the CSUN Sweatshirts in class and at sporting events. It's time for CSUN to go to the next level. Women's Soccer X X     X  
I really believe that the proposed fee increase will benefit a great number of students at CSUN. Our school needs upgrades in its technological equipment which would improve the students learning enviornment. Also, several athletic teams are representing CSUN very well and the fee would also help out the student athlete programs. These are some reasons as to why I support this fee. In the long run, this fee will benefit our school greatly.   X     X  
With the current fiscal state of affairs in the state of California, and an impending budget cut on the horizon for our school, I think that it's imperative that we pass this fee referendum in order to ensure the quality of our university. As time passes things are only going to get more and more expensive for CSUN and if we don't find a way to combat this, then the quality of our university will begin to decline. From the arts, to technology, to athletics, CSUN needs to improve it's funding, and this proposed fee increase would go a long way in doing that.   X     X  
I am completly for the Fee Proposal. As well as being a student here at CSUN I am also an athlete on our Womens Volleyball Team. This fee will not only help my scholastics by eliminating course specific fees but, but it will also increase the funds that are allocated to athletics. Increasing the funds to athletics will pay off for future athletes that will attend CSUN in allowing them to have better equipment and materials. This fee proposal needs to pass!!!!   X     X  
I think the campus quality fee proposal is a great idea because it will mean no more lab fees or side charges, it will help out clubs and organizations on campus and it will help out our school supported athletic teams. X       X  
This is (name deleted) assistant coach for Men's Volleyball, and I believe this fee increase will absolutely be beneficial to all students and drastically improve their campus experience. X       X  
I feel that the fee proposal is a good idea. It will not only help out athletics but also the student body (especially those in classes that have lab fees). It is not fair that just because you are in a certain major that school should cost more for you. The fee proposal I feel will help out alot for those students including myself. I want to see better equiptment and better facilities. I also feel that this proposal is good because I am an athlete and it will help benefit athletics in a huge way. For example better facilities will bring the campus together and will invite everyone to come and support games. Also I think it will help bring our school up in the ranks, because with more money we will be able to give away more scholarships to those that deserve them. Thank You! X       X  
The Campus Quality Fee is a great leap forward for California State University Northridge. The increase in fees will positively impact nearly all students on the CSUN campus. For students who register for several lab courses the fee could very well pay for itself in a term. For students involved in campus activities - from clubs and organizations to athletics teams the benefits are immeasurable. I know there is hesitancy for the increasing of fees and placing the financial burden on the students. But the fact remains that even with this slight fee increase, CSU tuitions and fees are among the lowest nation wide. The fact that students can attend a fine institution and receive a tremendous degree with what remains minimal cost continues to provide a wonderful avenue for achieving success. Costs continually increase but we have failed in the CSU to "keep up" - this fee increase, although minimal, is a great step in the right direction. I am hopeful; that this fee will be supported by students, faculty and staff to make CSUN an even better place! CSUN Staff Member X       X  
As a student on campus, I would like to see the fee proposal pass. I would look forward to the benefits that it offers such as tutors, better technology, and taking over for lab fees. I would also like to see athletic improved because I think good athletics puts schools on the map, so if we want CSUN to be recognized, being successful in athletics is one way that we greatly improve that. X     X X  
Hello my name is (name deleted) and Iam a student athlete at CSUN. I am a writing you this email to discuss the campus quality fee. I support the fifty dollar increas in tuition for clubs, athletics, and lab fees. I have also discussed this possible increas with some friends, not involved in athletics or clubs, and they have been supportive of it as well. I think that in the scheme of things fifty dollars a semester is not much but when you combine an entire scdhool it will be very beneficial. I strongly urge you to approve this increas in tuition not only as an athlete but as a student here at CSUN. Thank you for your time. X       X  
I am myself a student athlete and this fee would help boost not only our school's quality, but our athletes as well. More scholarship money would lead to better recruits and, in turn, would help maintain our success. I am a part of the men's volleyball team and we are having a record breaking season. Our basketball team also did extremely well. I would encourage the approval of this fee, because it would put Northridge on the map as far as athletics, and would continue to encourage graduating high schoolers to consider Cal State Northridge as their primary choice.         X  
Hello I am a current student athlete on the womens soccer team and I think the fee proposal is a great idea. If is a much needed increase that will not only benefit athletics but also the whole moral of the school. The fee proposal would do so much for CSUN and it would incease the school spirit creating a great atmosphere to be apart of. Thanks!         X  
I am an athlete here at CSUN and I am fully advocate the fee proposal. I have been discussing it with my fellow peers and the majority are for it. They realize that this fee will benefit them despite the fee costs. I will further promote this proposal throughout the weeks and so will my fellow athletes. We want this proposal passed. We need upgraded facilities and we need the money! We are so far behind in the Big West         X  
I am a student athlete in favor of this proposal. I feel that it will not only benefit student athletes but the school as a whole.         X  
I think that this proposed fee increase should pass to enhance the student experience and quality of instruction. This fee increase will also directly affect athletics which desperately needs a more competative edge in the Big West Conference.         X  
I think this is a great idea. This fee will help the college as a whole form sports to the classrooms. I would like to see the fee in the future because it will help support the sports teams especially Track and field where i think needs most of the help, but other than sports i would like to see computers in the classrooms to be updated. So i think this fee is a great idea to help out Cal State Northridge.         X  
I am for the proposal because it will support the athletics program.         X  
I believe this proposal would be a huge plus for the university. There have been many classes I have taken in the past in which I had to pay extra money to be able to take the lab portion. Being a poor college student, it was difficult to be able to pay that money when I was already struggling for rent. In addition, this money would be able to help athletics a lot. We all want successful teams, but it gets difficult to recruit when we are going up against UCLA, USC, or Stanford. However, with this extra money, we would be able to afford all the scholarship money needed, money to afford trips without having to pay for it themselves, and the equipment needed to participate in the sport. All-in-all, i believe this proposal would be a HUGE benefit for this University in both the academic and athletic ends of CSUN.         X  
I think that the fee proposal will do a lot of good for the university, both academically helping students, as well as assisting athletics and brining the recognition our sports teams deserve. For such a small increase in fees, students can have so many more resources at CSUN. Things such as a new rec center, no or smaller lab fees, and more tutoring resources will make my academic experience much better and help me achieve m y goal of graduation much easier. Not only will the fee proposal help me as a student but it will help all student athletes. With a steady supply of funds available for scholarships, recruiting, and facility improvement, the university will be able to be recognized athletically on the national level that it should be as one of the top division 1 programs in the country. These increased funds will allow our programs to get better recruits by showing them our excellent facilities, as well as offer them financial help with scholarships. All in all, i think the fee proposal is a great idea; with so many benefits for such a small fee increase, it would be sad to not see so many opportunities and assistance tools for students, as well as student athletes not be passed.         X  
I am in agreement with the proposal because it will not only generate more money for student athlete's facilities but as well as more scholarship dollars. This is of major importance to me since I'm one of the many student athletes who aren't on a scholarship. I feel that this fee proposal will help many student athletes by alleviating the cost of school and possibly books. In addition this fee proposal CSUN will enable us student athletes to compete with the best both on and off the court. Thank you for taking the time to read.         X  
I think the quality fee proposal is great, if you look at all the prestigious schools around the nation, they all have one thing in common and that is the excel in their athletic departments. This is an important measure for CSUN to pass because the more we excel in sports the more money we will get from the state and governments as well as more recognition.         X  
I am a student athlete and I beleive that the new fee proposal will be good for all students. It will allow athletics the money they need to build new facilities, equipment, and scholoarships. It will also help clubs, and other school activities the money they need.         X  
i think it is a good idea. It will help out the athletic department a lot and we all know that athletics bring in more money that any or department in the school. repay your athletes for their hard work.         X  
I have ben going to csun for three years and enjoyed the athletic program and believe this proposal will all around benefit Cal State Northridge         X  
i think that the fee increase is great, because it provides more money for programs and provides more opportunities. Being an athlete it also helps the athletic program.         X  
I think the proposal could be beneficial to all including student athletes. Intercollegite athletics plays a huge role in the social atmosphere of a collegiate campus. With this quality fee proposal the ability to field successful athletics program will be enhanced. This proposal could lay the groundwork for coaches and athletic administrators take Cal State Northridge to the next level of success         X  
I am a Student Athlete here at CSUN and i find the Fee proposal as a great idea. I really think that it will help our school grow and develope, because honestly wht is a college good for if it doesn't have any sports teams that do well. This fee would help out so many sports. It would give the athletes a greater insentive to succeed in their sports if it meant they would get more money. These are just a few of my ideas, but it is really important to athletes and myself that the fee get passed!!         X  
I feel that the proposed fee increase for CSU students is very important and should be done. First of all, there there is always room for improvement on a campus, for people that have graduated from the school, it is always a neat feeling to come back to the campus and see all the things that have been improved, it gives the graduates a sense of school pride. Also, as a CSUN athlete, I believe it is very important because it is an incredible feeling to be on a great team, on the road, winning big. This wouldn't be able to happen. Good recruits will not come to the school if there are no scholarships available. Also, we need to travel to improve and try to make the school proud of our athletic achievements.         X  
I am a member of the CSUN water polo team and I the funding the the athletics department has been very helpful. The funding helped the swimming and water polo program get a new scoreboard which has helped the programs a lot.         X  
As a student athlete this proposal is obviously important to my expereince at CSUN. Currently our team is lacking the necessary resources to compete with the teams in our conference. We face schools such as UCLA, USC, Stanford, and many other well funded programs. I support this proposal because of the benefits that will be rewarded toward athletics.         X  
As a graduating female student-athlete, I am very greatful for the new track, the new hurdles and shoes that have been provided to me. I believe it is the outstanding resourses that have allowed the womens track program to have such outstanding performances these past 4 years. Championships allow the students to feel a sence of school pride at such a commuter school. I strongly encourage this fee to be passed so that athletics as a whole will maintain its excellence, and strive for more titles. Let's keep the school spirit alive at CSUN!         X  
I believe that the proposed fee increase would greatly help CSUN athletics. This year we did not have as much money compared to the year before for scholarships due to the tuition increase. So we are in need of money for scholarships. With increased funds, we could get more or better athletes to play for the school. We saw school spirit rise a lot this year with Men's Basketball doing well, and imagine if we could get a few more good players to come to our school and play with the increased funds for scholarships. Also, this would help athletics when it comes to facilities. Every sports team is lacking in adequate facilities in one way or another whether it is lights or locker rooms, there is a need for money to go to athletics to make these programs better with facilities. The proposed $3 million dollars could have a huge impact on the athletics at this school and all of it would be a positive impact for the athletes and the student body.         X  
Dear Reader, as a current student and athlete at CSUN, I would like to point out the significance of the Campus Quality Fee Proposal. The fee will strengthen our athletic program and provide needed support for our athletes. We are a division 1 school and want to keep competing at the highest level in the future. GO MATADORS!         X  
CSUN is often criticized as a "commuter" school with little school spirit. I believe that school spirit stems from student participation in successful athletic programs, but CSUN lacks the resources to fund these programs. Students should be able to take pride in their school's athletic facilities and programs. With the implementation of this proposal, our school and its students will benefit from a better funded athletic department and a stronger identification with Cal State Northridge.         X  
Raising the quality fee will provide more resources for the athletic department at CSUN. This will improve the overall budget for each program, which includes the raising of scholarships and traveling expenses. The quality fee will bring CSUN athletics up to par with most division 1 programs.         X  
My name is (deleted) and I am the CSUN Head Women's Volleyball Coach. I fully support the Campus Qualify Fee. As a recruiter of prospective student-athletes, I see first hand the urgent need of this fee. Many of these reasons have been expressed by administrator, faculty, staff, student-athletes and general students. My main concern is the scholarship allotment for the WVB program and athletics in general. Each year I don't know if the WVB program will have 12 full scholarships, which is the NCAA Division One limit, or 11 full scholarships, which is currently the case. In 2002, my first year as head coach, the program had about 10.5 full scholarships. Other example of the need for the Campus Quality Fee; I lost my best offensive player (sophomore) last year, because she wanted to transfer to a school with more school spirit. Last year, 23% of the WVB programs operational budget was taken because of overages in other areas of the athletics department.         X  
I am strongly in favor of the fee proposal. It helps out the entire student body and various programs on campus. The proposal is long coming. Northridge needs more campus wide spirit, a well supported athletic department, clubs, and organizations. athletic department member         X  
I am in favor of the fee proposal!! As a student athlete I appreciate all that CSUN has done for me. Increasing the fees would be benefical in helping more student athletes achieve their goals of education and sports!! I am hoping that CSUN will be able to built a new pool that would meet Division 1 standards. Sincerely, (name deleted) Womens WaterPolo         X  
CSUN is a good school but for it to become a great school it need much more support for student athletes. This fee would send CSUN to the next level and also help with other campus projects, not just athletics. Coming from a student, I'm totally behind the campus quality fee proposal, it will really help put CSUN on a new level.         X  
I think fee proposal is a great opportunity for our school to get better facilities for athletes and thus improve resaults of athletics as a whole         X  
This proposal won't only help the students academically, but also within the athletic department. It would allow the athletic department to give out the proper amount of scholarships giving this school get a better opportunity to get better athletes. If all the student complain that we aren't like UCLA or USC, this is the first step to get us closer to their calaber!         X  
i believe it would be a good thing for this university to pass the fee proposal. It wont' only benefit athletics, but also all the students that attend this univerisyt.         X  
my name is (name deleted) I am a student athlete and I think the fee proposal is a great idea. It will benefit the school in many ways that most students do not realize because they are focusing just on the money. I hope this proposal is passed to make Cal State Northridge an amazing university.         X  
I am for the proposed fee increase because it promises greater access to technology and more course sections, as well as improvements in overall campus experience   X       X
I feel as though a fee increase should be seriously considered for many reasons. First of all, the vast majority of students feel as though they would like to have a more complete college experience in and around campus. The only way to fulfill this desire is to pay a couple more dollars every semester in the tuition costs. In order to raise the prominence of our school, we have to raise the amount of funds available. How can we consider ourselves in competition with other colleges when our fees are second lowest in the California State University system and have not been increased since the seventies? The cost of "living" for organizations, clubs and other aspects of extracurricular campus life has gone up exponentially since the last fee increase. As a matter of fact, everything has cost more since the seventies. In effect, other areas have had to be sacrificed in order to run the bare minimum required for the experience at this university to remain bearable. This has caused the general feeling around campus to echo the price of student fees: bland and insufficient. I have heard many individuals talk about their desire for a change at this school. People cannot go through their college careers wishing that something would happen out of the blue to aid this atmosphere of the campus, but should rather take the initiative. The reality is that this fee increase is literally opportunity knocking at the door for each and every student. It will help make a better name for our school as well as give students an enhanced college experience. Our school went division 1 for sports in the early nineties and has not experienced a proper way to increase the funding or fees that support the competition at the highest level of collegiate athletics. If you look at current spring sports as well as all others, they show what is possible on campus. We see our basketball team and volleyball team, with an extended ranking of #1 in the nation, do amazing things with the resources they have. Baseball has one of the top recruiting classes in the nation and is currently competing very evenly with other established schools. Imagine what all athletics could do with a funding plan and monies considered acceptable for a powerful division 1 athletic program. Northridge could be regarded as a national power in all sports, and should rightly be. Our jazz "A" band just won the national competition. Many of the monies for these and already mentioned activities come from hard fundraising work by teams and groups to give themselves an opportunity to be successful. Support from the students would cut much of the stress of wondering if their efforts had been enough. The most striking reason to increase this fee is that students can get their money back and more with the riddance of lab fees and other fees that individuals already have to pay. If one walks around campus now a days, they cannot but notice the monumental amount of physical change already taking place; from the performing arts center in the south to the new dorm building in the north. We as students need to back up this action by the school to physically make our campus better by supporting this campus quality fee proposal, giving voice and life to these efforts as well as many more to come. This will create a more positive student body with more buying power. Also, it will create opportunities for those individuals who have no idea what is taking place at their school, allowing them to become more entwined with campus life. Times are changing and changes are happening on this campus. I feel and hear it in the students and faculty alike, and this fee increase will be the means to fulfill their desires. The pros to this fee increase are endless, while the cons are non-existent. All five areas that the proposal addresses will change life on campus for the better forever. The only thing holding back the passing of this fee would be the lack of visionaries attending this fantastic and prominent university. However, I do not feel as though this is the case at Northridge.(name deleted) X         X
I am a student majoring in kinesiology and I think that this fee proposal is something that would really help this university. With the fee proposal I know that lab fees will be eliminated which is a great thing espcially when you are taking multiple labs that have lab fees. Also I feel that the proposal will help with the school spirit here on campus which is something that I feel is lacking. Thank you for listening. X         X
This is a great idea. It will help CSUN stand out amongst the other outstanding schools in the area           X
Please pass the fee increase proposal. Fee increases are necessary. We can't have quality without cost. CSUN's reputation as a quality, well-rounded campus is at stake.           X
I think that the fee would benifit the students of CSUN, and would encurage the students to develope more school pride. Enhancing the Universitie can only benifit the students even if its a few hundred dollars sacrificed by each student.           X
I am a athleted my name is and I am on the Women's Basketball team. I would like to vote YES for this proposal I feel that it will help very much for athletics and not only atletics but for students as well. A lot of people deserve this proposal because of there hard work on and off the court or whatever they do here at CSUN. Thank you.           X
i think it is good           X
This proposal will do a great amount of good for our university. Our campus needs this money to keep it's reputation as a great school that provides the best of equipment for it's students. This proposal is a MUST.           X
I am a student athlete at Cal State Northridge, and I would like to say that I would surley benefit from this fee proposal. The money is greatly needed not only for athletics but for other things on campus and there would be huge, positive changes on campus if this fee proposal went through.           X
Out campus needs a fee like this in order to become more well known and provide a better learning enviornment for our students.           X
I think the fee proposal will make campus life better and it will definitely help raise the school spirit, which is desperately needed.           X
This proposal shows great initiative by the University to put the needs of the student first. There are so many little things that are not available on this campus without numerous charges. Individuals keep having to shell out additional charges that should be covered under the tuition and fee charges paid at the beginning of each semester. This is a great first step to putting the needs of the student up front.           X
I'm in favor of increasing student fees. Although it's a noble idea to protect students from economic reality, the costs for running an educational institution go up along with everything else. CSUN is still a bargain. (name deleted) Programmer/Analyst II College of Humanities           X
I think it's fine to increase the fees; but by how much? It is really ambiguous. What's the total amount of the increase? If it is up to $250 dollars of tuition per semester per student I think it's okay. (name deleted)           X
Great Proposal!! The 3 yr plan to and the inflation accommodation are the key components on keeping the good thing going. This should help all of the CSUN community from getting into this situation again.           X
you should get a note from (name deleted) re senate exec on march 27. they were quite supportive with (name deleted) leading the charge--a great idea. they know too well that erosion of base budget by unfunded new needs is far more damaging to student's experience than fee are punishing to their wallet. (name deleted)           X
I think it's ridiculous to pass on fee hikes to the students, but it appears to be the only reliable solution to the budget defecit that the state has created over the past 30 years. Reducing the salaries of higher-ups in the college wouldn't solve the problem, and there's really no other way to pay for the services and personnel that the student body requires/demands of its university. I'll gripe about it, but I'll pay it. I'd also like to see the UC and CSU system organize and start fighting the inept or worthless state government--starting with the Governor's office--and challenging their efforts to reform/revamp the state's finances.           X
CSUN has developed into a beautiful, state-of-the-art urban university; money is needed for maintanance and continued growth. But facts must be face: the State does not have limitless deep pockets, the bottom of which were nearly emptied by the recent faculty wage increase. Our students are being offered an outstanding educational experience here at CSUN; I see no reason not to ask them to contribute more to it. One does not have to be a social psychologist to recognize that, in many cases, the more we pay for something the more highly prized it becomes. Private schools often raise tuition for no other reason than to ratchet up cache. Many of our students grapple with economic hardships; however, many do not (as their I-phones, laptops, and $5 lattes give testament to). Perhaps if fees were increased at CSUN the students would more greatly value the educational experience being offered them. Perhaps they'd miss fewer classes; perhaps they'd read their textbooks; perhaps they'd actually utilize the materials and services that we've spent so much time and money to provide.           X
As fewer funds become available from the legislature, fee increases for CSU students will become one of the ways to keep the CSU functioning at a high level of education for students. With fewer funds, course availablilty will shrink and course enrollment size will continue to expand beyond acceptable levels for effective instruction.           X
I think it is still the best value for money, considering UCLA charges residents $7,713.23 for undergrads and $8,967.50 for graduates. CSUN offers high quality teachers and that too is a competative market so we need to be able to retain the best. After all it is not CSUN's fault that the State of California is in such a bad financial mess.           X
cal state in general has some of the lowest tuition and fees in the country. With cost rising everywhere and the state funds in short supply, a small increase in fees would probably help sustain the universities mission and goals           X
I believe the average campus fees of the 23 CSU campuses is $500 a year. I believe all the CSUN students would want CSUN to be above average. While they are attending CSUN, students will be happier with their university experience with the level of services, campus spirit, etc. being raised with new funds. After graduation they will definitely be happier as alumni when CSUN is seen by the world as a great school. The amount of the proposed fee increase is VERY SMALL. Most all the students gladly pay much more for movies, concerts, electronic devices, etc. There shouldn't be even a debate about this proposed increase.           X
i am for it           X
I am one hundred percent in favor of the fee increase, and the manor in which it is being handled. I understand the concern of placing more cost on the student, however, if a student is in financial need they will qualify for financial aid that will cover these fees. It is hard for me to think that a student can't afford these step increases but have the financial means to have the latest cell phone, i-pod, and shoes that cost hundreds of dollars. It is not an issue of whether they can afford it; it is just a lesson in real life. As adults we are required to prioritize and make decisions, it then becomes a choice between a luxury item and an education. Make no mistake about it, I am a huge supporter of keeping the cost of education down, however it is also a business that needs funds to operate and produce a quality product.           X
The campus fee proposal needs to occur!!           X
We need better services for students and this is a great way to make that happen.       X    
I think the quality fee increase is a good idea and I'm for increasing student fees for this proposal. The first and main reason is the need for important services that the CSU lacks compared to other UC systems and private institutions. One of these services is the access to quality counselors and pre professional advisors. Students as an individual will not be greatly impacted by a fee increase of around 5% for example but collectively the money will be essential for much needed services.       X    
I feel that the Campus Quality Fee will have a positive impact on the quality of education for the students. There are so many valuable projects that need to be able to receive IRA funds. With the shift in AS dollars to this fund, it will enable more students to benefit and they will then have minimal to no out-of-pocket expenses. Also, this proposal will offer more student services. With the rapid change in technology, this fee will enable CSUN to continue to be a leader in technology.     X      
I think it is vitally important that student fees be increased so that greater IRA funds are availablke to suppport the arts programs on campus. Right now, the viability of many programs is totally dependent on IRA funds for anything other than opening the door and letting the students in. David Aks Music Faculty     X      
I beleive that this Proposal is a good idea for our school. It will benefit everyone by bringing in new computers and better technology.   X        
The service the students seem to find the most desirable is increased wireless Internet access, but I cannot say that this only because of the increased ease in doing their school work. They would use it largely, I think, for e-mailing friends, cruising MySpace and Facebook. Therefore, I don't think the university should expend more money for this WITHOUT charging extra for it.   X        
The fee proposal is a great idea. Technology becomes outdated almost as instantly as it is purchased. With the age of the technology on campus at what it is, and with the amount of money proposed to be delegated to technology, the campus can finally be up to date and provide the students with a much needed service. The amount by which the fee proposal will increase tuition is miniscule in comparison to the benefit provided to the student body.   X        
I would love for this fee proposal to go through because it would help our campus advance with other schools in the technology aspect. As well this proposal will allow for an increase in many student support services that are in high demand. I believe that this fee proposal will help greatly.   X        
Technology has enabled the University to provide far better services and thus a richer academic experience than was possible even just a few years ago. That technology comes at a cost, and with funding from the State declining it seems reasonable that students cover at least some of the increased costs.   X        
I am a freshman, and on the womens track team. I feel that this proposed fee in is a good idea. If every student could put in some money it can help our university in many different areas. Our campus is behind on many different aspects for example have new computers. Also this proposed fee cost will help the science majors a lot by helping us save on lab fees. I am a Marine Biology major, and knowing I have many labs coming up very soon I would like to help of those fees to go down. Also how this proposal could help get new adivsors and tutors. I feel that having more of people provide it can help scheduling and many other stressful times during the semester become a little less stressed.   X        
I find your proposal sound and of extreme benefit to the future of CSUN. Tech support will be a priority in the coming years. I also believe sports scholarships will place CSUN into a dominating force for competing with universities that have successful sports teams.Good luck and you have my full support.   X        
as a former professor who primarily taught skills-based lab classes, I know how important lab fees are, not only for the obvious science classes but to support course-related computer lab components. I urge the Univeristy to adopt this feee package. X          
This is a great proposal. It would benefit the student body by eliminating lab fees as well. X          
I believe this proposal would be very good for this university. It would relieve the students of paying for lab fees, and knowing that they will be working with equipment that is the best out there. I defenitly support this proposal and think it should pass. X          
I think the Campus Qualitly fee is a good proposal. Our labs deperately need good equipment to imporve the quality of the experiences that our students need to has as part of their education. I am glad to hear that the University is exploring to reduce the overall cost of education to the students by reducing the cost of text books, allowing the students to rent them at about 30% of its cost. This is a much better strategy to reduce the cost of education while not foregoing any quality. X          
The proposed fee will eliminate course specific fees while providing improvements i copurse related equipment and materials and allowed for more course sections to be offered. School spirit will be more noticeble om campus. Every single student from CSUN will be able to benefit from this proporsal. X          
I think it is necessary and not too high.            
I sounds like much data was collected and much thought funneled into this proposal. I believe that the "quality fee" is necessary and appropriate.(Name Deleted)            
I support the fee.            
I am in favor of exploring this option.            
I say charge the students more. CSUN is a huge bargain.            
I support the fee proposal and appreciate the opportunity to have input. I think that it adds value to the university and university objectives.            
I feel that this would be a good thing for many programs and would be a good opportunity to raise funds for programs because it will create more opportunities for students.            
This increase in fees creates more opportunities for students which in turn, makes CSUN a better place to pursue higher education and the corresponding goals of all students. The fee increase is not only reasonable, but also necessary in the pursuit of CSUN's mission.            
I am in favor of the fee increases as proposed, IF there is sufficient audit control over the disbursement of fees and IF students have continuing oversight to these disbursements.            
Implement the fees. We need to have local ways to have quality experiences for students. Our tuition is very low.            
I think that this is a great idea. People are always complaining about how much better facilities schools like UCLA and USC have. This gives the oppertunity to increase the status of the school all around.            
At first blush this seems to be a good idea. Question, how would the funds be distributed to departments and/or colleges?            
I support the fee proposal. (name deleted) Central American Studies Program            
I am a student athelete at csun and I support this!!            
YES on fee propsal!!! :)            
I think its a necesary increase. Many programs would benefit helping overall student welfare. Tne fee increase is long overdo and I am strongly in favor of it. (athletics staff member)            
Department Chair. I STRONGLY endorse this fee proposal. I see it as a "win-win" for students and faculty/staff.            
As a CSUN student paying my own tuition via personal income (and loans when I have to), I support the increase in fees to help cover the costs of the areas of need you have described.            
CSUN is one of the biggest universities in population. This University could be better overall. I believe this fee will make CSUN a better school.            
Please go through with the fee increase. o not do so negatively will impact the quality of the education we can offer. We provide such a high quality product for such a very little. We really need to do this. Deanna Murray- music            
As uncomfortable as it is to raise fees and place a bigger burden on students, I feel it is more important to maintain quality instruction.            
Hello, my name is (name deleted) and I am a student here at CSUN and I think that this proposal is extremely advantageous to our programs here at CSUN. The proposal does not only apply to us student athletes but also helps all over the campus here at CSUN and I think in order for this University to become what it really has the potential to be then this proposal needs to go through. Thank you for your time.            
In reasonable balance, the fees will have to be increased as State budgets are cut with the deepening recession.            
after reading the about the fee increase I feel that it would be a good idea. This fee increase will help students.            
This school needs more money. Being that state is not giving the school enough,only one other way to get it. That is to use students fee.            
Even though I have students in college and would like to keep my costs down the fee raise is essential and must be done.            
if fee is minimal, then it'll be okay            
I think that while it is tough that costs will rise, as long as they are going for something beneficial to ALL students, then the proposal is a good one.            
I think that it is a great idea.            
it is important to make sure that the quality of student's experience is improved, so i support this proposal.            
It actually is a very good idea in my opinion, the moral is low now because of the economy but that will change soon hopefully!!!            
I think that the proposed fee increase is valid anf fair            
As an alum, current employee, and parent of an enrolled student, I whole-heartedly support the fee. We absolutely need it to ensure quality of the student experience at CSUN.            
I think this is a great way to promote the welfare and progress of students. Instead of putting strain on the university, we the students shoudl help our university put on the activities we want, make more services available, and increase the general spirit of this great campus.            
Usually I feel that raising fees or costs of any kind are unacceptable. But when funds are requested locally and we are assured that it is absolutely necessary, I am less likely to be against it. I would say no if it were a bond or something that is paid for by only homeowners, but since this is a student fee paid for by the students (and their parents) and since the cost of this school is still affordable, as long as the fee isn't an outrageous amount, it might be ok.            
I am completely for a fee increase if it means that CSUN or the CSUs as a whole will get to maintain their quality of education and services. Not only that, but I, like probably thousands of other CSUN students, work on campus and see the effects of a budget cut: not only do I get paid less than if I were doing the same work elsewhere, but we get to see students complaining all the time about how we're so slow to get anything done (building construction, changes in technology, etc.) We could improve the student experience if there were more revenue coming in, and if I'm the one that ends up benefiting the most, I don't mind paying for it out-of-pocket!            
i think this fee would be fine as long as the money is allocated properly and is not spent on just one program granted that there will be students that are not happy with this but costs are on the rise all around us so this should come as a shocker.            
IT is a good idea!!!!            
I think that the fee would be a big step for CSUN. And really put us as one of the top univercities in the state.            
this additional fee seems fine. if everyone attending gave even a menial amount (3-5 dollars?) there would be a relatively great deal more money, right? money for students to do scholastically related activities, right? that seems like a good idea, though some might call it socialism...            
Definately raise the fee! And while you're at it raise our financial aid awards to pay for the proposed fee increase <(00)>            
The propsed fee will benefit the school in the long run. Please accept it!            
I am for the CSU proposal fee increase. I feel that it will help inhance the life at CSUN. Giving students a better and richer chance of a college life.            
i don't see any bad reasoning in a fee increase since the dollar value is dropping heavily.            
A campus quality fee seems like a city beautification process. What's the point of a fee to maintain quality if quality is in the people administering the services? With the growing number of students with each passing year, the cost of quality services would increase and therefore an appropriate and adequate fee may be required. As a student working full time to pay for my education, I am not against a fee increase if quality services can be maintained.            
I support the fee. It is well thought out, fair and will benefit many.            
Well nobody likes a fee increase but if the quality of the programs offered are in trouble a small increase can help to save some of the good tools the University is providing, I will consider a fee increase a positive. Now I am trusting the University with using all the resources available and really going into every corner before actually doing the increase. So I won't be happy about it but I won't consider totally opposing it.            
I support the fee increase, because I would like CSUN to be brought closer to the level, in academics and athletics, as top Universities in California. Also, even though I am faculty right now I will be a student in fall 2008 and I like that students would not have to pay small fees throughout the semester and be surprised every time they are asked for them. (NAME DELTED FOR PRIVACY)Faculty            
I think the fee increase is reasonable, since it hasn't been increased for over 3 decades.            
Our school needs this proposal            
CSUN needs the funds that this will provide            
Proposal sounds like a good idea            
I think this is a great idea because i would not want my sister to pay for the lab fees like how i paid as much. Also the good thing about this is the altheitc department will get money.            
As a regional leader, the school cannot fall further behind--Please implement this proposal. The value to the student afyer graduation far exceeds the amount paid. The students need to have the necessary services in order to survive.            
I support the campus quality fee. As an employee and alum of this university, I think that that added funds it would provide would be a boon to those who are here now and those to come.            
I think that the University and the students will benefit greatly from this proposal because of greater support and services from the university. I do hope that this will pass because it will be a step in the right direction for this university.            
As a former student and a current faculty member - I am very excited at the prospect of the Quality Fee Proposal. From what I understand these fee increases will benefit the entire student population and give more value to my degree. I have such a strong loyalty to this institution and only want to see the campus grow and prosper. I've research the fee proposal and am confident that this would have a dramatic impact for all. Sincerely,            
I feel that it would be very beneficial not only to athletics but to the entire school as an entirity. It would give us a push towards a positive direction and bring a more sense of unity through the entire student population whether you are a student athelet or not. It aids everyone and gives us a sense of inspiration and something to look forward for because we know our school is going to improve as a while and we can be a part of that.            
I think it will benefit all the students overall experience at the university            
I think it is a good thing            
It will bebefit all students overall experience at the university            
I think it will provide good services to the students            
I believe the this will benefit all at CSUN. Not only students but faculty and staff. We seem to be a at a stand-still and need to move on with quality opportunities and services. I also belive it will put us back on the map.            
I feel that this new student fee is a good idea. In the long run it will be heping out many students here at csun. Whether you are in a club ore even a student athlete like myself, this will help out. If the money that will be made is directed to these types of organizations we will be able to perform and better the quality of our functions for students.            
It would benefit every student! I think it is a great proposal!            
As a staff member, I whole-heartedly support the campus qualify fee proposal at Cal State Northridge. I think the fee proposal would not only benefit many of the quality organizations on campus, but enable several deserving departments to opportunity to enhance what they already offer.            
I completely support the campus quality fee proposal to increase the quality of life for students at Cal State Northridge.            
As a student athlete, i am for the Campus Quality Fee Proposal. I believe that this will benefit the entire CSUN community and also benefit athletics.            
In my opinion, the proposed fee increaseee for CSU students is a very good idea because it will really help out a lot of students on campus. At least half of the students should be able to see the benefits first-hand from this fee and there are numerous contributions it will make to the university as well.            
i think that it would be a really good idea for the increased fees and would really increase the standard of the school.            
I think the fee increase would make the university even better and am for it.            
I think this is a wonderful thing for CSUN and will greatly improve the quality of the CSUN experience.            
This fee is highly needed for necessary improvements on the Cal State University of Northridge campus.            
I think that the fee proposal is a great idea and should be applied.            
I think that this proposal is a great oppertunity for our school.            
I think the fee proposal is a great idea! it will benefit a lot of departments on campus and greatly increase the quality of our students education.            
I believe the campus quality fee proposal would benefit our school greatly. I think our school is definitely lacking support services and school spirit. This proposal will help involve the students more in school activities and bring us all together as a unit. I would love for there to be more school activities at CSUN because I feel as if I have to to visit other schools to find new things to do.            
I think that this will help the student body.            
i think that the fee proposal is a good idea and will help out the school.            
I feel that this fee proposal would be very beneficial to the schools students as a whole, despite the slite fee increase            
its a good idea            
I feel the proposed fee increase for CSU students is an advantage for all students. I support it greatly!            
The only down side to this school is matador spirit. I feel with more support from CSUN students for all activities that take place on campus, the college experience for everyone will be that much better and memorable. A little enthusiasm on can go a long way. I support this fee proposal 100%!            
This would help our school community as a whole in more ways than just athletics. Please support us. Thank you            
As a member of the faculty, I feel it would be a great benefit to the student experience. I am definitely in favor of this proposal!            
I think the fee proposal should be put into action it is a great way for our school to grow!            
My name is (deleted) and I am studet-athlete. I am a journalism major with a political science minor. I would like to comment and say I agree with the CSUN quality fee proposal.            
With budget cuts on education, the fee increase maintians the caliber of education all the students here at CSUN are getting            
As a student at this university, I honestly believe this proposal would benefit all of us. I understand the fact that we just passed for a new Rec. Center to be built (which increased the cost), but i garentee that the majority of the students here have no idea how much extra money they are spending. Although this will increase costs, the majority of the students won't even know the difference.            
(name deleted)- Women's Tennis Team The overall outcry and resistance of this fee is hard to understand. The university is asking for an amount, that some students spend on starbucks or chipotle within a week. CSUN is not asking us to change the world, but wants its students to have the ressources we deserve. We are the ones who are holding ourselves back! The matador should be a symbol of excellence and strength...but where will he find himself without the fee?...Let's not wait and see..            
I think that this fee proposal is a good idea. It will benefit thousands of students on campus. It will definitely raise the quality of the students experience on campus.            
It is unreasonable to expect to fulfill the mission statement of CSUN while diminishing the funds to make it possible. Many departments outside of the Business College are so understaffed that professors are forced to give less than their best because they are stretched so thin. WE NEED AND DESERVE FUNDING FOR HIGHER EDUCATION.            
I agree with the new fee raise. Here is my signature and my major. Hope this helps. (name deleted).            
My name is (name deleted). Iam an Exercise Science major in my 3rd year at CSUN. I just wanted to let you know that I am in full support of the CQ fee because I strongly believe that it is something that our university needs in order to become even better than it is. Thank you,(name deleted)            

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