Victor N. Shaw, Ph.D.

Victor Shaw
(818) 677-7311
Office location:
SH 130M


Ph.D. Sociology, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1994
M.Phil. Philosophy, Wuhan University, 1986
B.S. Chemistry, Wuhan University, 1983

Specialty Areas: Comparative Justice, Criminology, Deviance, Social Control, Race & Ethnic Relations, Asian American Community, Higher Education, Academic Careers, Policy Analysis, Ethics.

Research and Interests
I am interested in the study of problematic behaviors and their social responses, public policies and their formulating/implementing processes, human affairs and their theoretical explanations. Currently, I am working on a research monograph exploring human collective experience over three worlds: common sense, religion, and science.

Courses Taught
Undergraduate Courses

  • SOC 202: Sociological Analysis
  • SOC 304: Sociology of Deviance
  • SOC 305: Culture and Personality
  • SOC 333: Chinese Society
  • SOC 340: Sociology of Work
  • SOC 345: Social Psychology
  • SOC 348: Juvenile Delinquency
  • SOC 350: Population Dynamics
  • SOC 355: Criminology
  • SOC 368/S: Theory I Classical Sociological Theory Lecture/Seminar
  • SOC 468/S: Theory II Contemporary Sociological Theory Lecture/Seminar
  • SOC 474: Corrections
  • SOC 498BEE/CEE: Supervised Field Study

Graduate Courses

  • SOC 601: Classical Sociological Theory



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