Assessment Clinic

Diagnostic Assessment Program

The Assessment Clinic provides diagnostic psychometric assessment and evaluation of children, adolescents, and adults referred for suspected learning problems, attention problems, and associated emotional, academic, and behavioral issues. Referrals are received from parents and professionals, and include comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations of such areas as attention, cognition, information processing, language, academic achievement, and social-emotional adjustment. We conduct assessments of children, adolescents, and adults from 2 to 90 years of age.  Recently, we have developed collaborative relationships with the Disability Resources and Educational Services office at CSUN to offer psychoeducational testing for CSUN students seeking academic accommodations in their undergraduate and graduate curriculum.  We have also conducted similar assessments for students attending local community colleges including Pierce College, Santa Monica College, and Moorpark College.

Our comprehensive psychoeducational assessment involves an interview with the client and their parent(s), as needed.  The interview is often conducted via telephone but may be scheduled as a on-campus visit, depending upon the needs of the assessment case.  Following the intake interview, a full day of assessment from 930am until 400pm is scheduled on a Monday – with a break taken in the middle of the day for lunch.  Feedback is given to the client and/or parents at a second visit, which is scheduled at a mutually-convenient time for the client, parents, and clinic supervisor.  For individuals who have previously been evaluated and are being seen for follow-up, and/or for a second opinion, specialized assessments can be targeted for specific referral questions.

Our clinic operates at a reduced fee as trained graduate students conduct the assessments in the clinic under the supervision of a faculty member who is also a licensed psychologist.  All assessments and assessment reports are reviewed by the supervising faculty member.  Additional information about fees, the appropriateness of referrals, and/or request for an evaluation should be addressed to:


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