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Dean Yan Searcy, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

The CSBS College motto is “Locally Engaged, Globally Prepared.”  This is reflected in all we do ranging from faculty to students. We are the home of educators who are committed to decreasing the distance between communities and campus. Our faculty connect to communities through applied research, internships, and clinics and as a result of engagement with faculty-led initiatives, students are prepared to contribute to solving global problems and competing in global markets.

Social and Behavioral Sciences, Locally Engaged, Globally Prepared LogoIt is truly an honor to represent CSUN and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (CSBS). CSUN and CSBS represent the best of higher education. We focus on student engagement, applied research, connecting communities to the campus and the campus to communities. We value people. We include. We have high expectations for achievement.

These are neither empty expectations nor merely those concerned with the academic. The solutions to social problems are found in our college. We turn to history to learn from ancient societies to recent movements to inform our pursuit elevating our society. Faculty are working with students to address justice issues, urban problems, governmental challenges, human development, and sustainability, and we are updating the curriculum to reflect additions to current knowledge. We can actually say that we are writing the books that are updating the educational cannon for the disciplines in CSBS. In Fall 2022 CSUN welcomes it first cohort of students to the Master of Arts in Sustainability program. This new discipline creates a baseline of learning that allows graduates to work across communities and industries.

We are equipping students with the tools for achievement to successfully address social problems. Scholars in the College are preparing the next generation of educators, researchers, and leaders.

EOP Resilient Scholars Program

SBS Graduate Christina Mota

Upcoming Events

Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute: Memorializing Legacies

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Harry E. Johnson, Sr.

Please join the Dubois-Hamer Institute for Academic Achievement, the Black House and the Department of Africana Studies for a Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute: Memorializing Legacies with guest speaker, President and CEO of The Memorial Foundation, Inc., Harry E. Johnson, Sr., Esq. Johnson's lecture will cover the importance of having the MLK Memorial on the National Mall in Washington DC, and the continuing work of The Memorial Foundation's work to enhance Dr. King's work and legacy.  Read more