Administrative Approvals

Cayuse Instructions for PIs

Cayuse is ORSP’s system to initiate review, approval and submission of proposals electronically.  It replaces the paper Proposal Approval Form (PAF).  The Principal Investigator may initiate the process him/herself by following the instructions in the Cayuse Instruction Sheet (.pdf).

If preferred, the SBS Grants Officer will assist and initiate on behalf of the PI.  Please contact Frances.Solano@csun.edu for assistance.

NOTE: This must be completed at least 10 days prior to deadline.  Any documents requiring wet signatures must be submitted to the chair and routed to the dean’s office at least 10 days prior to deadline.



Cayuse Instructions for Approvals by Chairs, MAR, Dean

ORSP will initiate the internal review process, which must start at least seven (7) business days prior to the sponsor deadline. Approvals required include a certification by each PI, the chair(s) of each department, the MAR of each college, and the dean of each college. It will then be routed to CSUNs Vice President for Administration and Finance. After all approvals have been made, ORSP will submit the proposal/application to the sponsoring agency.

View the Cayuse Approval Cheat Sheet (.pdf)

CSUN Foundation Request for Clearance and Assignment

Prior to approaching a private foundation or corporation, an email must be sent to the CSBS Grants Officer ( ) to request clearance and assignment from the CSUN Foundation. 

In your email you should include the following information:

  1. name of foundation/corporation,
  2. brief description of proposed project,
  3. brief description on how the proposed project meets the goals of the foundation/corporation program, and
  4. estimated amount to be requested.

CSUN Foundation Proposal Submission Form

This form is used for private foundations and corporations. Once you have downloaded the current Proposal Submission Form (.pdf), please complete, sign (P.I. and Chair signatures only), and return to the CSBS Grants Officer ( ) prior to proposal submission deadline.