President's Office

Statement on the Recent Catastrophic Earthquakes by CSUN President Dianne F. Harrison

April 18, 2016

The following message was posted on the front page of the university website:

On behalf of the California State University, Northridge community, our hearts go out to the people of Ecuador and Japan and those affected by the recent catastrophic earthquakes. We know all too well the devastation, pain and heartbreak an earthquake can cause. The International Red Cross (, UNICEF ( and other aid organizations are already on the ground, helping the survivors. These groups are taking donations to support their efforts.

I am very thankful that the CSUN faculty and students who were studying in Ecuador as part of our Tropical Biology Semester are all safe and due home soon.

When CSUN faced its own disaster in 1994, friends and strangers alike supported us in our time of need. As citizens of the world, I urge the campus to consider ways to help.


Dianne F. Harrison, Ph.D.