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From the President's Desk January 29 1999

January 29, 1999

Tentative Agreement with the California Faculty Association

On January 27, the Human Resources Office of the California State University announced that the CSU has reached a tentative agreement with the California Faculty Association (CFA). The agreement is the result of nearly one year of bargaining.

The tentative contract agreement includes a five percent average faculty salary increase and a merit pay system twice as large as under the previous contract. The Board of Trustees' approval of the agreement is contingent upon a vote by CFA members to ratify the agreement by February 28, 1999.

Chancellor Charles B. Reed said, "The Trustees and I are very happy that we finally reached a fair agreement with the faculty union. Both the CSU and CFA compromised on some issues in the best interests of the university and our students. This agreement demonstrates our commitment to increasing faculty compensation and allows us to reward two to three times as many outstanding faculty with merit increases than under the previous contract. Now we can focus more energy on providing an outstanding education for our students and taking the CSU to the next level of quality."

Please see Monday's edition of for more complete information about terms in the settlement agreement.

January CSU Board of Trustees Meeting

Audit Report

At the January meeting of the California State University Board of Trustees, a report from KPMG, an independent auditing firm, was distributed. The audit covered compliance of the CSU and individual campuses with the requirements of laws, regulations, contracts, and grants applicable to major federal programs for the year ended June 30, 1998 (described in U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133 Compliance Supplement).

Major federal programs included the Department of Education, FEMA, National Science Foundation, and the Department of Health and Human Services among other agencies from which Cal State Northridge receives contracts, grants and awards. The most significant area of review were controls and procedures related to the administration of federal financial aid.

The audit report includes a "Schedule of Findings and Questioned Costs" for specific campuses that were subject to some audit procedures. There were no findings as a result of the procedures performed at Cal State Northridge. This gives us assurance that our federal financial aid programs and other federal grants and contracts are administered properly.

Approval of Arts, Media, and Communication Building

The CSU Board of Trustees approved the schematic plans for our new Arts, Media, and Communication Building at a projected cost of $16,828,000. I was pleased to inform the board that this building represents the last major post-earthquake facility to be submitted to them for approval - a quiet milestone, just about a week past the fifth anniversary of the Northridge earthquake.

This building is also testament to the collaborative and creative teamwork of faculty, staff and facilities planners who worked so diligently to achieve this elegant design. My congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed to the building plans.

Teacher Shortage

A recent article in the Los Angeles Timesindicates that California will need to hire 27,000 additional teachers in the next decade. Other states are giving out bonuses for persons who agree to become teachers in order to cover moving expenses and serve as down payments on a house. It used to be that only athletes became "bonus babies"!

I think it is important for all of us to encourage students to consider careers in education. While we are working with K-12 to help in-service teachers and are revising our Liberal Studies major to make our teacher preparation program more effective and accessible, we can also champion the value and importance of our chosen profession. More than ever, our society needs talented, committed teachers, and Cal State Northridge is proud to contribute to this critical goal.

Appointment to the California State University, Northridge Advisory Board

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Ike Massey, publisher of the Daily News of Los Angeles and president and chief executive officer of the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, has agreed to accept a four-year appointment to the California State University, Northridge Advisory Board.

Prior to moving to California in November 1996, Mr. Massey served as publisher and CEO of the Houston Post in Houston, Texas. Over his 30-year career, he has held publishing and corporate positions with newspapers in Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Mr. Massey has a strong sense of community, and has always been heavily involved in business, civic and arts circles. He is currently a member of the board of directors of the Economic Alliance, VICA, Fernando Award Foundation, and the San Gabriel Valley Council of the Boy Scouts and was elected to the board of directors of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.

The advisory board, which meets quarterly, provides the university with independent views and advice on important policy decisions and serves as a liaison with the community and the public in general. Mr. Lee Kanon Alpert, chair of the Advisory Board, and I are delighted that Mr. Massey will be joining the Cal State Northridge community.

Ending Violence Against Women Conference

On March 11, a conference entitled "Ending Violence Against Women" will be held on our campus. The conference is sponsored by a community education project affiliated with Cal State Northridge. Its goals are to accelerate an end to gender and sexual violence by providing free, high quality programming to residents of greater Los Angeles and to encourage the development of comprehensive L.A. school-based violence prevention education programs. The program grew out of a one-day conference that was organized by two Cal State Northridge students, Ms. Linda McCabe and Ms. Jean Morrison.

For more information about the project and the conference, please call Dr. Robert Kemmerling, director of University Counseling Services, at 818-677-2364.

"The Legacy of Northridge...5 Years Later"

In memory of the devastating earthquake of January 17, 1993, the community of greater Los Angeles has staged many events and activities to mark the fifth year anniversary of that disaster.

One of these events was the Universal City conference on January 27-28 entitled "The Legacy of Northridge...5 Years Later." The university exhibited a display of earthquake recovery photographs, information about the on-going campus reconstruction and the lessons learned.

The university was proud to participate in the conference. Our faculty, staff and students have deservedly become a national model for disaster recovery in partnership with the community, the city, the state, and the federal government.

Mr. Ron Norton, manager of Environmental Health and Safety, Mr. Larry Cox, director of Public Relations and Communications, Ms. Carmen Ramos Chandler, director of News and Information, and Mr. Steve Gelhaus, student intern in Public Relations, represented the university at the meeting. My thanks to all of them for attending and to Ms. Maureen Shideh, Space Planning and Management in Administration and Finance, for making the arrangements for our participation.

Evenings with Northridge

The office of Outreach and Recruitment, under the leadership of its director, Ms. Ludim Seja de Manzano and the coordinator for Guest Relations and Campus Tours, Ms. Kristen Morgan, has inaugurated an "Evening with Northridge" program. The inaugural reception was held on January 20 for students and parents in the Conejo Valley.

These receptions are aimed at admitted high school seniors and highlight the university's academic programs, student services, the quality of faculty and staff, and the excellent educational opportunities available here. Each "evening" emphasizes different themes and programs.

Innovative programs like these will encourage pride among incoming students at Cal State Northridge. My thanks to Ms. Seja de Manzano and Ms. Morgan for organizing this innovative program.

Blenda J. Wilson

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