President's Office

Help Make CSUN Shine Brighter

May 2, 2013

To the campus community,

As part of the 'Help Make CSUN Shine Brighter' initiative, we introduced a new topic a few weeks ago for the consideration of the campus community and asked for your suggestions and solutions relevant to the following question:

The recently launched 'CSUN Shine' identity campaign is an exciting new vehicle for telling the CSUN story in a more compelling manner and to a larger audience. Using 'CSUN Shine' as a springboard, what can we do to grow pride and school spirit and further enhance the university's reputation?

As with our first topic, the campus community provided much thoughtful and meaningful input. Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions and ideas!

Every response has now been reviewed and your comments/suggestions have been shared with appropriate departments on campus for further consideration for incorporation into programming and planning.

I am pleased to report that the feedback clearly shows that we as a campus community are very much on the same page. Many of the suggestions and comments submitted are consistent with and clearly reflected in the recently released CSUN Shines for the Next Decade: Planning and Priorities as an Engaged Institution which lays out CSUN's university priorities to guide planning over the next several years. I hope you will share my enthusiasm as more and more of the ideas you suggested become reality.

For a more detailed summary of the input received and related university projects, please visit the Help Make CSUN Shine Brighter website.

Once again, thank you for your input and all you do to help CSUN shine more brightly! We will be introducing a new topic early in the fall semester and look forward to your comments and suggestions.


Dianne F. Harrison, Ph.D.
California State University, Northridge