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Equipment Checkout Guidelines

Equipment Checkout

  1. Equipment can only be checked out from and returned to the reception desk in the Oasis Wellness Center.
  2. Equipment checkout is available from the Oasis Wellness Center opening time until 15 minutes prior to closing.
  3. Equipment is checked out on a first-come first-served basis and may not be reserved. 
  4. Students can only check out the quantity of equipment appropriate for one participant. 
  5. Students with outstanding equipment holds will not be permitted to checkout additional items.
  6. Equipment that is checked out from the reception desk must remain exclusively in the Oasis Wellness Center. 

Member Liability

  1. Equipment must only be used for its intended purpose.
  2. The Oasis Wellness Center is not liable for any injury caused by misuse of equipment. 
  3. Students are liable for replacement cost of equipment that is not returned and for replacement cost of equipment that is returned damaged beyond what is expected from typical use. 
  4. Students may not loan checked out equipment to others for use. A student’s privilege to checkout equipment may be suspended if this occurs.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms Guidelines

A Gender Inclusive Restroom is a safe and welcoming place for people of all gender identities and expressions. If you are uncomfortable using a Gender Inclusive Restroom, please feel free to use any of the nearby gender specific restrooms conveniently located around campus.

  1. Day-Use Lockers.
    1. Day use is defined as using the locker during times in which you are present in the Oasis Wellness Center and involved in activities. Lockers are not to be used for day storage when you are not present in the Oasis Wellness Center. Personal items must be removed after your activity time in the Oasis Wellness Center.  
    2. All day-use lockers are available for free and are subject to availability.
    3. Students are expected to provide their own locks for day-use lockers. However, a limited supply will be available for checkout and also for purchase at the reception desk. 
    4. At closing time, locks will be cut and personal items remaining in day-use lockers will be removed and placed in the lost and found, which is located at the reception desk. Items will then be retained per the USU lost and found guidelines. 
    5. The Oasis Wellness Center is not responsible for replacing locks that are cut or any items that are lost.
  2. Cleanliness. The Oasis Wellness Center staff is committed to maintaining cleanliness in its restrooms. Do not leave trash or personal items in the restroom area. Please report any concerns to a staff member immediately.
  3. Cell Phone, Handheld Device, Recording Device, Camera Use. Cell phone device use is prohibited in the restroom. Cell phone and messaging devices may be used only in the entry courtyard.
  4. Restroom Etiquette
    1. For your protection use a high quality lock on day use lockers.
    2. Demonstrate respect for others by cleaning up area after use.
    3. Keep sink areas clean.
    4. Close lockers after use.

Relaxation Room Guidelines

  1. Reservations. Relaxation Room nap pod use is on a first-come first-served basis and must be reserved in-person at the reception desk.
  2. Reservation Check-in. Students must check-in at the reception desk to reserve a nap pod prior to entering the Relaxation room.
  3. Nap Pod Availability. Relaxation Room nap pods are available from 15 minutes after the Oasis Wellness Center opening time until 15 minutes prior to closing.
  4. Personal Belongings. Students are required to put all personal belongings into a designated locker in the reception area prior to entering the Relaxation Room and using a nap pod. Personal belongings, other than personal listening devices, are not permitted inside the Relaxation room.

In order to minimize disruption to other students using the nap pods, the following etiquette should be considered:

  1. Noise Level Expectations. In consideration of others, all noise is prohibited inside the Relaxation Room. 
    1. Cellphone conversations are prohibited. Please silence your cellphone.  
    2. Personal listening devices must be silenced and earbuds must be worn. The music level on your personal device must be low enough to not be heard by others.
  2. Shoes. If you choose to remove your shoes, please store them at the base of the nap pod.
  3. Nap Pod Cleaning. After use, wipe down the entire leather surface of the nap pod using the sanitizing wipes provided.

User Responsibilities

Participation in the Oasis Wellness Center, as part of the University Student Union and California State University, Northridge, is governed by the Student Conduct Code and all other University safety, security and facility standards. Use of the Oasis Wellness Center facility is a privilege and participants are expected to be good citizens and respect the rights of others. Individuals who engage in unacceptable or irresponsible behavior may have their access revoked or modified indefinitely as determined by the Student Recreation Center Director. In addition to the previously mentioned standards the following are user responsibilities. 

Students are encouraged to contact Oasis Wellness Center staff to report individuals who may be in violation of these guidelines. 

  1. Noise Level Expectations. Conversation and noise level should be kept to a minimum. Phones, tablets and other electronics should be kept on silent mode.
  2. Cellphones and Messaging Devices. Cellphones and other devices should only be used for texting in silent mode. Talking on cellphones and devices is not permitted in the Oasis Wellness Center. 
  3. Music. Personal music is permitted only with the use of earbuds.
  4. Personal Gain. The Oasis Wellness Center may not be used for teaching/coaching/training for personal gain. Personal training and coaching is only permitted by Oasis employees.
  5. Personal Risk. All patrons participate at their own risk. Students will be required to sign a liability waiver. 
  6. Staff Requests. To provide a safe and secure environment, visitors are required to follow the requests and instructions of Oasis Wellness Center professional and student employee staff members.  
  7. Personal Boundaries. Respect the limits of other users based on their personal preferences about how they would like to interact.
  8. Discipline. Students who violate Oasis Wellness Center guidelines may be restricted from use of the Oasis Wellness Center at the discretion of the Director of Student Recreation Center or their designee. 
  9. Harassment. Harassment of any kind is prohibited. All users are expected to treat everyone with dignity and respect while using the Oasis Wellness Center.
  10. Access. If you require assistance in accessing or using any facilities in the Oasis Wellness Center, please contact 818-677-7373. 
  11. Picture Taking and Video Recording. Members may use media devices to take photographs and videos in the Oasis Wellness Center, with exception of the nap pod room, locker rooms and restrooms. Media determined to be inappropriate, degrading, harassing, misused, or not authorized by the subjects captured is prohibited. 
  12. Project or Class Related Audio/Visual Recording. Any individual(s) who seeks to film (photograph/video), interview, or conduct class projects in the Oasis Wellness Center must contact SRC Facilities Operations at 818-677-5478 to fill out the appropriate request form. 
  13. Commercial Filming and Photo Shoots. Those wishing to explore commercial filming or photo shoots should contact the Commercial Services Manager at 818-677-2194 to discuss their interests.
  14. Personal Items.
    The Oasis Wellness Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Only small personal items are allowed and they must not obstruct the use of entrances and exits, walkways, paths, and/or prevent the use of furniture including nap pods, massage chairs and relaxation chairs. All items left unattended will be removed and can be collected from lost and found at the reception desk.
    Relaxation Room: Personal belongings, other than personal listening devices, are not permitted inside the Relaxation Room. Users are required to put all personal belongings into a designated locker in the reception area prior to entering the Relaxation Room and using a nap pod.
  15. Clothes. For health and sanitary purposes, appropriate clothing must be worn at all times throughout the Oasis Wellness Center. Tops covering the chest plate are required. Bottoms covering the buttocks, genitals, and pubic region are required. Clothing displaying profane or offensive material is prohibited.
  16. Food. Food is not permitted in the Oasis Wellness Center. 
  17. Lost and Found. Lost and found is located at the reception desk. The Oasis Wellness Center is not responsible for any loss or damage to the items stored in the lost and found. 
  18. Skateboards, Razor Scooters, Bikes, Etc. Skateboards, razor scooters, bikes, etc. are not permitted in the Oasis Wellness Center and must be secured and stored in designated storage racks. All improperly stored items will be removed per university policies.
  19. Solicitation. Solicitation of any kind is not permitted in the Oasis Wellness Center. 
  20. Profanity. The use of abusive and/or profane language is prohibited.
  21. Outdoor Fountain. The fountain does not circulate potable/drinkable water and therefore students should refrain from touching or drinking the water inside the fountain.
  22. Fireplace. Adjusting and/or turning on or off the fireplace is not permitted. Please contact an Oasis Staff member should you need assistance. Placing objects (i.e. wood, trash, food) inside the fireplace is not permitted.
  23. Labyrinth. As a courtesy to all users, the posted Labyrinth guidelines should be followed at all times. 
  24. Furniture. Please do not move furniture from the area it is located.

The Oasis Membership and Facility Access Policy


  1. A Student Member is defined as a student who is enrolled at CSUN, is taking units and pays a fee for those units, or has qualified for a fee waiver.
  2. A Tseng College Student is defined as any student who is part of Tseng College in the masters, credentials, open U, non-credit program, or Intensive English Program (IEP).


The Oasis is a controlled access facility, available to all students.

Tseng College (Masters, Certificates, Open University, Intensive English Program (IEP), and non-credit students) may utilize the services of the Oasis by paying a fee.   

Applicants must sign and accept the SRC and Oasis guidelines form and waiver of liability/hold harmless agreement form to be enrolled using the CSUN Student Recreation Center application and assigned a unique barcode ID. Applicants will be required to register digitally by entering LDAP credentials into the CSUN Student Recreation Center application. 

All summer memberships at the SRC will include access to the Oasis. If a person who is eligible for a summer SRC membership wants to access the Oasis only, they may purchase a summer membership to the Oasis for a fee and will only have access to that facility. Students who are enrolled in the summer term and who pay the USU fee through the Tseng College (Extended Learning) or California State University, Northridge, are eligible for membership at the Oasis.

Access to the Oasis facility is granted for all categories of membership under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Approved Access. The Oasis is a controlled access facility and membership, or special access is required to enter. Members will be verified by scanning their barcode ID at a barcode reader prior to entering the facility. 
  2. Refusal Right. The Oasis has the right to refuse membership to any member or individual who has violated any CSUN, USU or Oasis codes of conduct, policies, rules or regulations, or is not in good standing with the University for any reason.
  3. Illegal Access. The following are prohibited:
    1. Attempting to gain access into the Oasis with an ID or Oasis account other than your own.
    2. Allowing another person to use your ID or Oasis account to gain access into the Oasis.
    3. Attempting to allow access to anyone through an emergency exit door.
    4. Exiting through emergency exit doors (except in a declared emergency).

Expulsion. The Oasis Staff and the Building Manger have the authority to:

  1. Request an individual to leave the facility and premises because of a violation of facility policies.
  2. Cancel an event and request the individual or the individual’s group to leave the facility and premises because of violation of facility policies
  3. Repeated violation of the Oasis regulations may result in a loss of privileges and facility membership as recommended by the SRC Director or designee and approved by the Executive Director or designee.

Posted Regulations. Facility users must obey all posted regulations and comply with decisions made by the Building Manager and the Oasis staff, including identifying oneself when requested.

Personal Image Release. At various times throughout the semester, CSUN/SRC/USU officials will be taking digital images, photographs, and/or videotapes of patrons for educational, promotional, and informational purposes for use in department related printed material and on our web site. No identifying information will accompany the likeness or images used in publications.