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Workshop Categories

Art Workshops

These creative workshops provide students with a quiet space, relaxing music and a beautiful setting to express themselves through art, including painting, drawing, decorating and more. We provide the materials, you bring the artistic imagination.

Mindful Workshops

Mindful workshops are designed to bring you healing and balance. Tap into subtle energies within yourself through yoga, mindful breathing, meditation, aromatherapy and more. With an emphasis on relaxation and stress management techniques, these workshops are essential in helping you stay calm amid the rush of campus life.

Nutritional Workshops

This series of workshops is focused on nutritional eating. Students can learn how to be cost efficient when buying healthy food, safe and effective methods to lose weight, tips on breaking bad nutritional habits and more.

Wellbeing Workshops

This series of workshops touch on key areas of stress in interactive ways, including safe college partying, sleeping habits, sexual health and stress management. These presentations will also highlight campus resources available to students for each of these areas.